Ford Electronic Throttle Body Recall Affects Models Across The Brand

April 26, 2017
By: Robert Silverman

Imagine driving at normal speed when suddenly your malfunction indicator lights up and you suffer reduced engine power.  The power steering, braking, lighting and climate control systems remain fully functional so you have no clear clue on what is occurring, however you know the vehicle no longer remains operational. We have seen this occur recently with several Ford clients.  After struggling with lack of power, these distressed drivers went time and time again to authorized Ford dealers only to be told the service department could not verify or duplicate the issue.  Finally, after repeated visits, these consumers had their electronic throttle body replaced which seemed to solve the stalling.

Apparently, in a variety of Ford vehicles, the electronic throttle body internal motor contacts may develop contamination resulting in increased electrical resistance.  If this happens, the MIL light will come on and the driver will experience a decreased amount of engine power and speed.  As a result of this Ford electronic throttle body situation, Ford is recalling a number of vehicles across the brand.   Under the Ford 16B32 recall, the following vehicles are covered:

2015 Ford Edge built 9/1/15-12/21/15 in Oakville, MI

2015-2016 Ford F-150 built 8/1/15 to 5/17/16 in Dearborn MI, 8/31/15 to 4/27/16 in Kansas City

2015-2016 Lincoln MKT built 9/1/15 to 5/10/16 in Oakville, MI

2015-2016 Police Interceptor Sedan built 9/1/15 to 3/19/16 in Chicago

2015-2016 Ford Escape built 9/1/15 to 3/14/16 in Louisville, KY

2015-2016 Ford Explorer built 8/4/15 to 5/25/16 in Chicago

2015-2016 Ford Flex built 9/22/15 to 4/14/16 in Oakville, MI

2015-2016 Ford Fusion built 9/15 to 2/29/16 in Flat Rock, MI, 9/1/15 to 4/4/16 in Hermosillo, Mexico

2016 Lincoln MKX built 9/1/5 to 5/16/16 in Oakville, MI

2016 Ford Mustang built 9/1/15 to 4/26/16 in Flat Rock, MI

2016 Police Interceptor Utility built 9/1/15 to 5/26/16 in Chicago

2016 Ford Taurus built 9/28/15 to 5/2/16 in Chicago

2016 Ford Transit built 9/1/15 to 5/21/16 in Kansas City

Owners of recalled vehicles should have received letters by now explaining the recall and the need to replace the Ford electronic throttle body. There is no mileage limit but the repairs must be performed by September 30, 2017.

If you think your vehicle is included in this recall and you have yet to receive a recall notice, contact your Ford dealership immediately.

In the meantime, if you have suffered continuous stalling issues with any of the above vehicles and you were back to a Ford authorized dealer repetitively or for an extended period of time, you may have the right to recourse even after they replace the Ford electronic throttle body.  Click here to submit your information and we will be glad to review your situation to determine if and how we can help.

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68 Responses to “Ford Electronic Throttle Body Recall Affects Models Across The Brand”

  1. #1 Karen Blower says:

    We have had nothing but trouble with or 2016 Ford escape, it has been in the ship more the 6 times, they even had to replace the transmission once all ready, and we still have power problems… they have factory reset it 3 or 4 times, we had radio issues and Bluetooth issues…. so frustrated with it it’s been to 3 different dealerships

    • State: Ohio
  2. #2 LemonLaw says:

    @Karen: You should certainly look into your lemon law rights. Visit if you would like us to review your situation and how we can help.

    • #3 patricia flick says:

      we just bought a 2014 F150 and we are currently going through a problem that seems like from what we have experienced that we have a throttle body problem. This site says this problem started in 2015 I have news from what Im reading and going through It started before that. I’m wondering if the costomer satisfaction campaign would apply to 2014 F150’s.

      • State: delaware
    • #4 LemonLaw says:

      @Patricia: Please fill out our Get Rid of Your Lemon form at and let’s see if and how we can help.

      • #5 Christiana Mayo-Tabron says:

        I have a 2016 Ford Fusion on Monday I was on the interstate driving and the car started stalling and going into shutdown mode. The check engine, airbag, wrench, and a message see manual popped up. On yesterday the same thing happened and I took my car to Auto Zone to get a diagnostic test and it came back as throttle Actuator control system. I am at ford today and found out this recall was issued an expires at the end of this month. But not one time have I received a recall notice.

        • State: Virginia
      • #6 Tim Greenwood says:

        2015 Ford Expedition El. I have the same problem. My Vehicle basically shuts down. 3 times in one day on a Sunday. I take it to a Ford dealership on Wednesday. They can’t get a code to read. Ford dealership says when the ignition gets shut off it clears the code. They tell me to drive it till it happens again, then leave it run call a tow truck leave it run while they tow it to the dealership so they can read the code. Thursday the next day it happens again, I was inches away from getting T-boned by a grain semi.
        So I limped it into a independent service shop they came out with their code reader and got me the code and it was the throttle body actuator, he told me he couldn’t even get the part and had to come from Ford. I called the dealership to see if there was a recall and they said there was not. The dealership suggested I call Ford Motor Company they started a case ID number for my case the dealership then calls me tells me I should have it fixed pay for it out of my pocket and if there’s a recall they may refund me my money. Tim Greenwood. Greenwood’s Grocery Farley, IA. 52046. (563) 590-0218

        • State: Iowa
      • #7 Kevin cameron says:

        Hello tim greenwood.

        The same thing is happening to my 2016 Ford Expedition. I am wondering what happened in your case and where it is now? Did you have to pay to get it fixed and if so how much did it cost?

        I really hope Ford takes care of you and the faulty part on engine.

        Very frustrating.

        Thank you in advance for any info you can provide to help me out in the same situation.


        • State: AZ
      • #8 David aoun says:

        I have a Ford Focus 2014 I drive and the car looses power and stop becouse the throttle body malfunctions I am lucky avoid accident but is too bad and dangerous

        • State: Florida
      • #9 Kelvin Lu says:

        I just got my 2015 Expedition EL diagnosed with a bad throttle body assembly. In my case I was able to drive it while it threw an engine light (code 2112) and it only completely failed when I was backing out to drive to the dealer.

        Having had 3 other Ford/Lincoln V8s from 2006-2010 run over 100k miles in a short period of time I know that a catastrophic failure like this before 50k miles is extremely unusual and even more so for a “certified pre-owned” that up until 6,000 miles prior was covered under a comprehensive warranty.

        Considering that this vehicle is still under a “drivetrain” warranty and that the vehicle cannot be driven I am trying to have Ford cover the cost of this repair less the $100 deductible.

        • State: UT
      • #10 Bubba Smith says:

        Own a 2016 Fusion HYBIRD. Received “customer satisfaction” letter to replace throttle body. Vehicle in Ford (local Yuba City) service last Thursday, “throttle body replacement never needed” per service writer? I called Ford toll free # (talked to a young man overseas?).Ford rep. Kevin said “supposed to replace throttle body” and discussed
        doing replacement with service writer over phone, three way conservation. After another day and talking to GM, service mgr, Ford rep hopefully work done RIGHT ? now need to discuss with FORD about SYNC issues with SYNC services.

        • State: CA
      • #11 Craig Hargrove says:

        Contained in your article about Ford Electronic Throttle Body, my car was mentioned. However, using the NHTSA web site and my VIN it did not show as a recall. I spoke to Ford locally (Dallas) which checked thier Oasis system but found no recall. The failure of electronic throttle body system which according to google web search is common has not been addressed, however, losing power, steering control and power brakes at 70 mph on a Dallas Freeway is problematic. My car is a 2016 Ford Fusion SE with a little over 40,000 miles which I bought new. Any updates on recall would be helpful.

        • State: TX
      • #12 Joey says:

        I just experienced this on Monday. Took my 16 fussion in and they told me that the recall campaign had ended in September and I would have to pay out of pocket. Is this right? I’m sill covered under factory warranty.

        • State: Texas
      • #13 Dave says:

        I have a 2015 F-150 that is having the same issue. It’s happened multiple times at various speeds. Took it to the dealer and they couldn’t find any problem according to the computer diagnostics. I mentioned the 16B32 “Customer Satisfaction Program” and they had no idea what I was talking about. This is extremely unsafe and frustrating. The truck only has 13,000 miles on it and so should still be covered under the so-called bumper to bumper warranty, however the Ford dealer still charged me $118 for the diagnostics; what a rip-off. So much for “Bumper to Bumper Warranty”!?!?
        Ford needs to establish a recall before they get sued for an unsafe vehicle.

        • State: California
      • #14 Ira Gerstler says:

        I was checking what was done for repairs at 90000 on my Ford 2012 Escape when I noticed a flag on their site guiding me to this Throttle body issue. This was my 1st and only awareness of this issue. It appears that ONLY after you experience it failing does FORD repair it for free. 2 weeks after reading this, I was on the highway coming home and the stalling issue with loss of power started. It is a very scary experience alone but at least I had had a heads up reading about the problem 2 weeks earlier. It “limped” home, stalling at every stop light but got it to my driveway. It had to be towed to Ford after New Years weekend and they did do the repair.
        My issue after this is:
        1 day after the repair, the check engine light came on. Without the same symptoms, I brought it to a local mechanic who read the code as a CATALYTIC CONVERTER issue. He said the throttle body failing and driving in limp mode caused fuel to enter the converter and ruined it. Now there is no mention that this could happen on the FORD site, and I am at 90000 miles with the catalytic converter warranty for up to 80000 miles. I am looking at an over $2000 repair, what is my recourse when one covered issue (throttle body unit failure) caused another (catalytic converter failure)?

        • State: New Jersey
      • #15 Gerry Bentley says:

        My throttle body went in feb.2016 on my 2010 Ford escape.The wrench light came on several times over a period of one year.then the engine light came on at the same time and lost replaced it under warranty.i thought that was the end of it,but 23 months later both warning lights came on again. I drove it straight to the Ford dealership in palm springs.they charged me 500.00 to fix it.only one year warranty on the one they put in 2016 according to the Ford people.part is only 82.00,but lots of LABOR?they Also charge 90.00 for the diagnosis .time to get rid of it.

        • State: British Columbia
      • #16 Cheyenne Gallant says:

        I have a 2017 Fusion. It has completely stalled in the middle of traffic twice. My child and I were in the middle of a busy intersection on March 4th when it stalled the 2nd time. We were terrified and almost got hit from behind. A good Samaritan gave us a boost. Bronde Ford kept my car for 4 days and replied that there were no codes so they don’t have a solution. I’m scared to drive my new car!!!!

        • State: Ohio
      • #17 Russell Ali says:

        Our first p2112 code was when we are on a nationwide trip and the truck stalled a number of times in Las Cruces New Mexico. We were able to get into a dealership and we had a comprehensive warranty on our certified pre-owned 2015 Expedition e l. This was in 2016 November. Today I had the same thing happen with the same code for the electronic throttle body. I have an appointment for next week to go in to the dealer. Hopefully they will fix it minus $100 deductible or fix it completely I can’t believe they don’t have this on recall for expeditions. I guess we would have to file a suit first. Both times this occurred I was in traffic. The occurrence today was when I was making a left turn in front of oncoming traffic.

        • State: Oregon
      • #18 Leslie Hodgson says:

        Hi all, way over here in New Zealand we have the same problem with our 2012 ford territory, % times it cut out on me driving around local town, really maddening and very frustrating there’s no recall here, Thanks Ford.

        • #19 Oliya says:

          I have a 2016 Fusion with 70,000 miles on it, however despite the high mileage the car gets regular oil changes, gas new tires and new battery. On the intersection it stops accelerating and I had to pray I wouldn’t get hit before I am able to pull over as a car came to a complete stop and acceleration wouldn’t work. The wrench and airbag lights came on. I turned car off and on and it seemed to be back to normal. However despite The normalcy of the 1 minute drive to work after this incident, I know this is not normal and is beyond unsafe to drive. I have read hundreds of such complaints with the same issue for this particular car yet I do not see any recalls for this issue. How can this be? I filed a complaint with NHTSA . Paying out of pocket for this clear manufacturing issue is not ok with me. It is not cheap. Help?

          • State: FLORIDA
        • #20 Rebecca says:

          Purchased a 2016 F150 last year, no issues until last week. Truck has 52K miles and the Throttle Body is malfunctioning and because my local Ford cannot see an “error” code with the truck there is nothing they can do. All I want is to PREVENT any further damage or issues with my truck and Ford is NOT having it. I was basically told “oh well”. I called Ford headquarters and was told the same thing. Sorry but there is no reason that a 2 year old truck should have ANY issues with its mechanics like a Throttle Body within such a short time. I may be a female but I know my mechanics. This is my 2nd Ford, the 1st one I still have and still runs with 280K plus miles and NO major issues like this. Very disappointed in Ford! I even informed them of their “Customer Satisfaction Repair” notice sent out on it and that it would be cheaper for them to pay for the replacement then to defend any legal action but they don’t seem to care.

          • State: Florida
        • #21 Charles says:

          I have a 2012 Ford F150 3.5 lt ecoboost, my son was driving on interstate when truck started shuttering and had no response to accelerator. This happen a total of 3 times this past week, twice while on interstate. Just had electronic throttle body replaced (ETB) cost over $500 at dealer. The service tech related that they had (5) replaced over last couple of weeks. I’m surprised recall didn’t go back further that just 2015. At this point no recourse?

          • State: FL
        • #22 Dawn says:

          We have a 2014 F-150 4×4 and had to replace the throttle body after the truck shutting off going 70 MPH in a two lane tunnel. Talk about terrifying and dangerous. I cannot believe Ford did not recall something like this. The customer satisfaction program left me very dissatisfied as they are not willing to help up. The research I’ve done shows problems with this in various years, 2014 included. Why no assistance? If they kill all of their customers with bad parts they won’t have anymore people to sell cars to…

          • State: PA
        • #23 Amanda says:

          Driving home from a weekend getaway with another friend my 2016 Expedition EL lost all throttle power. I was traveling about 55/60mph and going uphill. Coasted to a crossroad and was able to turn off the main road. Once stopped and in park the engine “chugged” as if running out of gas (I had 3/4 of a tank). The rpms boumced bewteen 1 & 2. Lushing the gas peddle did absolutely nothing. We were 77 miles from home driving country roads. I did not even try to restart the vehicle once stopped. I was afraid to get farther off the beaten path and have an even harder time getting a tow truck. We waited almost 2 hours for a tow truck. My vehicle is currently sitting at our local Ford dealer. They couldn’t get it into the shop for 3 days. I started reading up on issues and have found many reports that sound just like mine. Waiting to see what the service dept has to say and if it pulls the throttle code.

          • State: OH
        • #24 Ken says:

          2016 F150 bought new at local Ford dealer. It has been in many times… from needing the entire sunroof replace due to leaking and mold under the carpet.. to shifting problems (which they say they couldn’t diuplicate) to … loss of power while towing our 2k lbs trailer… problem disclosed as throttle body.. we are at 39k miles… this repair is not covered, even though we have been in prior to the bumper to bumper warranty expiring, for what we feel is the likely cause we had been in before on but they couldn’t duplicate the issue.. they say it’s not part of the 60k mike power train warranty…dealer is adamant that they have no knowledge of ford having any issues and I just need to pay the $375.. so long story short is I will pick it up today but I am wondering if I can prove lemonlaw connection?

          • State: Kansas
        • #25 Katie says:

          My 2010 Fusion just started with the wrench light, then the check engine light and by the time I got to a service station the lights were off. This weekend the car went into a dead stall anytime I slowed or stopped. The error message was for the Throttle Body… my guess is my car won’t be covered.

          • State: PA
        • #26 Nell says:

          I have a 2015 Expedition. The throttle assembly has been replace twice already. Once at 37,000 miles and again just this week at 71,000 mikes. Ridiculous. This is my third Expedition and I have never had this kind of problem before. Love my truck but it may be my last one

          • State: Ga
        • #27 Shirley Elkins says:

          My husband and I own a 2009 Ford sport trak. After putting our life in danger the second time we had. The throttle body replaced at Lance Cunningham Ford in knoxville tn. Our cost was 812.70. After much research I contacted Ford motor co at 8003923673. Requested a reimbursement of the price we paid for their faulty merchandise. They flatly refused. Our case # is15766376. I am wondering what happened to all the promises and obligations for and from Ford

          • State: Tennessee
        • #28 Lisa says:

          My 2006 Mustang GT is doing the exact same thing as everyone else and Ford said they couldn’t fix it because there was no recall on my car. That’s not right. That car could get someone killed.

          • State: Ohio
        • #29 Laura Strong says:

          We purchased a Ford F150, 2015, in 2016. This summer at roughly 50K miles, I experienced a throttle body failure. Scary and frightening. And now makes me angry that Ford KNEW about this! I have contacted them several times, all to be told that they “don’t have any customer satisfaction issues” or “recalls” for this very same issue. I don’t understand!!!! We had to have the truck towed AND repaired. HELP!!!! This is not right Ford. I’m ready to head back to Chevy.

          • State: MI
        • #30 Frankle says:

          Ford Escape 2012 stalling on regular basis from a week now. Dangerous situation . Engine Light comes and goes . Diag is the Throttle Body. I read the escapes have an extended warranty up to 10 years. I will take it to the dealer to see what they say…

          • State: Fl
        • #31 Frank says:

          Same issues Throttle body Ford Escape 2012 (check engine light came on then disappear a few days later I was able to check with the scanner at an auto parts pointing the throttle body). Car stall suddenly at any travel point and you panic, pray to not be hit by a car from behind , sometimes allows you just to pull over before stop completely and sometimes just died in the middle of the rod., I can tell Ford will be in trouble if not recolling for this problem. I got an appointment with Ford since there is an extended warranty on it. I’m not willing to pay them. I will share!

          • State: FL
        • #32 Randy says:

          My 2014 f150 5.0 had the same problem. No power all of a sudden, when you restarted it was fine. Never threw a code even though it went into limp mode 6 times. It was at the dealer 2 full days and they would admit it seemed like a throttle body issue but it wouldn’t show on the diagnostic so they wouldn’t replace it. Turns out it wouldn’t have been replaced on the power train warranty anyway.
          I bought a performance throttle body myself for 500.00 bucks and replaced It myself in about 30 minutes. Problem solved. The dealer wanted about 1000.00 to r&r.
          This limp mode creates a potentially very dangerous situation in traffic and really mad they ingnored the issue.

          • State: NM
        • #33 Charles says:

          My 2015 F150 3.5L is not included in the Ford recall. The throttle body failed at a little over 10k miles and was replaced under warranty. The new throttle body failed at about 40k miles and I replaced it myself. Disassembly showed apparent fretting corrosion of the internal motor contacts resulting in intermittent connection. The current (third) throttle body has worked fine so far for about 4k miles, but I will not be surprised if it also fails. When/if this happens, I’ll install an aftermarket performance throttle body with the expectation that it won’t have the same problem as the Ford part. Ford does not appear to have this problem under control.

          • State: CO
        • #34 Tyler Eberly says:

          I have a 2015 Ford Expedition EL Limited with the 3.5 ecoboost. I noticed it started intermittently loosing power at low rpm. This was at around 39,000 miles. After a few more drives it started getting worse to the point where it would go into limp mode with a wrench light on the dash. After a few more times of this happening the check engine light came on and stayed on. I took it into a Ford dealership and they were able to determine it was the throttle body that needed replaced. It now is working fine with no issues. Time will tell how long the new throttle body will hold up. I bought it with a reconstructed title so my warranty was voided and had to pay out of pocket. I believe if it didn’t have a voided warranty the cost would have been covered by warranty.

          • State: PA
        • #35 Chris Pearson says:

          I have a 2016 Ford Fusion Se I purchased a month ago, it has stalled on me 11 times I took it to the dealer and they said they could find anything

          • State: NY
        • #36 Nate samuels says:

          Just reading all these posts and definetly is still going on. Bought a 2017 Expedition EL last year, having all the same issues. Will just go to local parts store for a new one and change myself.

          • State: La.
        • #37 Guy Jennings says:

          On an 8.5 hour drive north on a Sunday afternoon just north of Columbia, SC, my 2015 F150 4×4 Lariat died! We were traveling 70+mph and the dashboard warnings appeared as the we lost power. I was able to get the vehicle to the edge of the interstate where I turn the ignition off and restated the engine. The maintenance light remained on, but I was able to make another 10 miles and it happened again. After 6 stops, we made it to the Rock Hill Ford dealership…they were closed, so we left a note and the truck, and headed off to find lodging. After researching the issue online it was obvious a ETB problem. On Monday morning the truck got a ETB replacement to the tune of $500+! Ford has known about this issues for years but continues to place poorly designed components in their vehicles. This is disheartening since I love my second F150, but now feel no confidence in driving it, especially on mountain roads with little or no cell service. I am filing a complaint with Ford hoping they reimburse the ETB charges. Buyers beware!

          • State: Florida
        • #38 Thomas J Lonsdale II says:

          I have a 2013 F-150 Ecoboost and started having throttle body issues in 2018 and had it replaced at Ford. One year later now I’m having the same issue again. Ford needs to do a recall on earlier models. I’m tired of almost getting hit on the highway getting up to 70mph and my wrench light comes on and I have to navigate through traffic to get to a shoulder. The first time was on a 400 mile trip with no towns around and I had to pull over 19 times on the shoulder to restart my engine. Of course, Ford says there are no codes thrown when it get to the shop. Similar to other readers. This time I told them my throttle body was bad and to look at it, they didn’t see any codes, they said the throttle body was ok, the Turbo was bad. $600 later I drove 2 miles from the dealership and the car broke down again!

          • State: TX
        • #39 Nieca Q Braziel says:

          My Ford Fusion 2010 started shaking and jerking. I took it to Autozone and the throttle body is open code appears. This car could have kill me and my children. We were on the interstate between two eighteen wheelers. Someone needs to help us about this! A new car is not an option.

          • State: LA
        • #40 Bob Rahner says:

          I have a 2017 Expedition that is giving me the same throttle body problem as described, is the recall also on the 2017’s? I have not received any recall letters on it. Please let me know.

          • State: NJ
        • #41 LemonLaw says:

          @Bob: How many times have you reported the issue to Ford. If you have been back three or more times, please call us at 800 536 6652.

          • #42 Pat says:

            2016 F150 FX4, 39,000 miles on it when I had the same issues with the engine going into limp mode and several lights coming on in the dash. Went to Oreilly and had the codes checked and throttle body code came up, they charged me nothing. Went to my local Ford dealer that I have bought several vehicles from for a second opinion,they charged for the diagnosis and wanted $350.00 to put the new throttle body on. I went back to Oreilly bought the new throttle body for less than $100.00 and installed it myself in less than10 minutes. This is rediculus that Ford hasn’t recalled this yet.

            • State: Wi
          • #43 Jacob says:

            Just purchased a used 2017 Ford Expedition in October 2018. I was told by two mechanics that it’s got Throttle body problems. Ford dealership will not fix it without charging me. Just over the 50k warranty. Can not afford to make payments and fix the car. Is this car a part of the recall? HELP!

            • State: SC
          • #44 Susan says:

            same thing a 2017 Ford expedition kept stopping – Ford dealership said it is Throttle issues and not covered under warranty because we are over the 36K miles

            Car is a lemon

            • State: Arizona
          • #45 Ronald Allen says:

            My 2007 Ford Expedition EL Eddie Bauer has been having this same issue with the throttle body is it too late to have it repaired

            • State: La
          • #46 Alfreda Rice says:

            I have a 2017 Ford Expedition with a Throttle Body problem. I have 56K miles. Ford say it’s not cover under warranty. I notice it was recall until 2016. Any recall on 2017

            • State: Arkansas
          • #47 jerry kimble says:

            I have a 2015 F150 with V6 Ecoboost. I bought with 32K miles on it. I got a CPO warranty when I bought. At 44K miles the truck broke down. Engine light, loss of power. Took it to dealer. They found bad throttle body, and said it wasn’t covered by CPO. ($366) Talked to a buddy of mine in Canada who is a Ford service manager. He told me this is a common problem, and they have changed out a lot of them. He advised me to complain to Ford, and any place else I could to raise awareness. I come from a long line of Ford owners going back 3 generations. There should have been a recall on this. I feel Ford is just fleecing folks now. No wonder their stock is tanking!

            • State: Michigan
          • #48 George Chiappetta says:

            I had the same problem as stated above with my 2014 Ford Escape 2.0L Titanium and was told the throttle body was the problem. Do I have any legal position for getting this replace under the recall ?

            • State: Il
          • #49 Grant says:

            Exact same problem with my 2016 expedition. After googling and doing some research, the expedition should have been included in the recall as well in my opinion.

            • State: Texas
          • #50 Christopher says:

            I’ve a 2015 Expedition and just dropped $348 at my local dealer for a throttle body to be put on. Not a big deal but given the car cost me 52G less than five years ago….. O well, at least I could get it fixed.

            • State: AR
          • #51 Mary says:

            I have a 2010 Escape with the same problem. It has been loosing power and loosing RPMs at a stop. It stalled a couple of time, wrench light on then engine light. Pulled over and turn off the engine and start the engine, no wrench light but an engine light. Took it to the dealer, they fixed it, under warranty for 10 years or 150, 000 miles. Also I was told that if you have your battery changed it will cause the problem with the throttle body assembly.

            • State: California
          • #52 Karrin says:

            Oh boy. Reading all these comments is adding to my rage. I am experiencing the same scary issues and just left fourth mechanic (Ford service), where they said they found zero issue. Then of course it died on the way home. I am done being polite, done being patient, done going through Ford’s hoops.

            This is a dangerous situation and I am gonna yell until someone hears me.

            • State: NY
          • #53 Roberta Hegy says:

            My 2015 Expedition went into limp mode twice yesterday on my way home. I was able to stop and restart the engine and continue on at normal speeds and acceleration. I was near a Ford dealer, so I stopped there and had them check it out. They said it was the Throttle Body. Ford did not cover the repair, but my extended warranty did. Still cost me the $100.00 deductible and the $100.00 diagnostic fee.

            • State: Wisconsin
          • #54 Anita T says:

            This problem also applies to the 2012 Mustang. I was driving home last night on a major highway during a snowstorm (no less!) and suddenly the wrench light came on and I couldn’t accelerate. It was like the car was in neutral. I pulled over, turned it off and back on and it was fine. Five miles later the same thing happens. Two miles later it happens again, but this time the wrench goes away and the engine light stays on. I limped it home by the grace of God. I’m lucky one of the many semis on the highway didn’t hit me. This morning the engine light it off. I know not to trust this based on Ford’s issue with this. $570 for repair, but my hopes aren’t high that a new throttle body will fix it.

            • State: Ohio
          • #55 emmett donovan says:

            I had a Ford Lariat 2011 EcoBoost 4×4. I had this happen to me over 20 x’s. Dealer replaced fuse control system and the problem persisted. Many they stated it could not be duplicated. Once it happened right outside of the dealership so I thought great, I’m right here. It happened at 7pm, truck was shaking violently, sales guy came over and said there is nothing we can for you. Everytime I turned off the car, the system logs were deleted. This went on for months. Finally I decided to update to a 2016 Firs Lariat EcoBoost 4×4.

            This weekend 2.9.20, while driving in Irvine ca, the car lost power for the first time and began violently shaking like the previous model. In shock and disbelief I pulled onto the shoulder. Started the truck again, got to about 1 mile, same loss of power. Pulled over checked oil and the like, then proceeded home. 10 minutes later, my wife and I are on the fwy shoulder waiting for a tow for an hour and a half. Took it to Ford and of course I got, “Never heard of that before.”.

            I cant believe this is happening again.

            • State: Ca
          • #56 Ralph Broome says:

            I am in Mississippi now with a bad Throttle body on my 2013 Ford 150 king ranch that was replaced in Charlotte NC on July 14, 2016 at performance ford now Felix Sabates Ford and Lincoln.
            The Throttle body is again being replaced by Metro Ford and Lincoln I. Tupelo Mississippi.
            The second replacement in 3 years is outrageous at a cost of $400.00 to $500.00 each time.
            I have been driving and owning numerous Fords, for over 50 years, this is about to cause me to stop Fords and start driving anything but a Ford.
            The service here says there is a 2 year warranty on throttle bodies and mine at 3 years is not covered.
            This article about the throttle body’s recall says no limit on mileage.
            I need the Ford district representative to file a complaint with. As frequent as mine is replaced, the list above isn’t telling all who are experiencing the same problems and cost.

            • State: Mississipi
          • #57 Jeff Kochera says:

            I bought my 2015 F150 3.5L eco boost new back in 2015. At 30k miles I lost throttle response out of nowhere. All the lights on the dash went on like a Christmas tree. I limped over to the side of the rd and turned off the truck. The lights went off and i limped home. The p 2112 code came up. “The throttle body actuator was the main issue. 600 dollars later it was fixed. 3 years and 30K later, same thing happened. This time I replaced the TBA by myself in 30 mins. Absolutely ridiculous the risk of having a truck lose power with no warning!

            • State: Georgia
          • #58 Jeff Kochera says:

            FYI. The throttle body cost 89 dollars and is held on by four bolts. It literally takes 30 mins from time of gathering equipment to cleaning grease off your hands. Extremely easy. I now keep a spare throttle body since I have had 2 fail.

            • State: Ga
          • #59 Skyler w says:

            Having the same issue on my 13′ fx4 eco. Went into limo mode barely made it into the dealer, couldn’t believe they said it was throttle body. I’ve never heard of a throttle body going out ever. Of course they wouldn’t admit to any wrong doing and said my truck wasn’t part of the recall? Wtf Ford? Get you crap together!

            • State: UT
          • #60 Robert Richardson says:

            Same issues as everyone else…We were pulling our camper through a stretch of road construction on the interstate with solid cement walls on either side. Check engine light came on and engine lost all responsiveness to throttle…We were barely able to limp to a small opening in the guard rails. Shut it off turned it on and ran normal. Took it to repair facility and they said no codes found. It happened three other times…I finally bought a code reader and it happened again and I was able to catch the P2112 throttle body stuck closed code. I took it back the they replaced for TB for $300. This is something that is very dangerous and Ford should refund these costs…

            • State: WI
          • #61 WAYNE TELFORD says:

            I also own a 2015 Ford F-150 Eco and experienced power failure twice on highway with accompanying light show on dash. I took it to my mechanic and he knew immediately that it was throttle body. He replaced for $269. and told me to Google problem and my eyes would be opened…they were. Called my Ford dealer in Rifle, CO, spoke with service mgr and he acknowledged issues but said Ford had not yet issued a recall. I filed a complaint with NHTSA. I totally agree with everyone else that to suddenly lose power is extremely dangerous. FMC needs to step up, issue a recall and reimburse those of us who have paid for the repair.
            Wayne Telford, Grand Jct, CO

            • State: CO
          • #62 Tim Taigen says:

            We have a 2016 Expedition and have had the same problem. After the second, unexpected event we took it to a local auto repair shop. They couldn’t find any problem with it. After the third event, we had it towed to the closest Ford dealer in Yuba City, CA. They knew instantly it was the throttle body and have now replaced it. Will pick up the car on Monday and pay them $650 for parts & service which seems like a major scam to me.

            • State: California
          • #63 David Larsen says:

            I have a 2015 F150. Same issues that everyone else is reporting. It is a very dangerous situation to be in when you are at an intersection and your truck looses all power. 1st throttle body was replaced at 37128 miles and $433.92. I now have the same problem at 49,000 miles and was told it needs a new throttle body. This is crazy that it only lasted 12,000. It is to the point I don’t trust driving it.

            • State: ID
          • #64 Gaylord E. Penton says:

            We bought our 2014 F150 4X4 in August 2020. The truck has been in several shops and nobody can tell us what the issue is. Several told us to bring it in with the issue occurring. Tried that but as the tow truck shows up, they turn the key on to get it out of park, that makes the code go away, so had nothing to go on. We finally stopped in at Spradley Barr Ford Dealer in Greeley, CO. The Service Manager said that this is a common issue with the 2014 F150. When the wrench comes up on the dash, the car goes into shudder mode, with no accelerator response. You can shut it off and wait 30 seconds, start it up and it will run fine. This is the 4th service for this issue and the only one that told us it is a problem with the throttle body. We are scheduled for replacement on July 6, 2021.

            • State: CO
          • #65 Mary Davis says:

            I just got my recently ( 7 weeks ago) purchased 2013 F150 Lariat Ecoboost truck out of the shop for the second time (not same issue but purchased warranty covered first problem after deductible but not second problem) I was travel several hundred miles from home in the desert when I lost power ( limp mode) on a Saturday. Probably would have died from heat had I not had cell service and had not managed to limp home in ‘2’ because ‘Drive ‘ mode was impossible. Pulling out infrom of trucks on the freeway was dangerous to say the least. One reason I am joing the complaint club. I think if this is an ongoing problem as it seems then the least Ford should do it pay for repairs and tow and motel room and lost income if you can’t get to your job to work to make money to pay for the problem that was not anticipated when paying big bucks to purchase the truck from a FORD DEALERSHIP that new better!!!

            • State: Nevada
          • #66 Taffy Laymon says:

            I just purchased a 2017 Ford Explorer XLT last week. I noticed when I left the dealership it was hesitating and stuttering when I gave it gas. My husband drove it once, and noticed it wasn’t driving right. I took it back to the dealership yesterday. No lights were on, so no codes. They said they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I told them to drive it until they figured it out. They called this afternoon, bad throttle body. I pick it up tomorrow. It better be fixed!

            • State: AR
          • #67 Erica Barnes says:

            I have a fleet of 15 Ford Transits from 2015 – 2022. In this year alone 4 of them have had the throttle body issue which required replacement. It’s extremely frustrating!!! Why won’t they issue a recall?

            • State: Florida
          • #68 Don says:

            Have 2017 Ford Expedition with 67000 miles on it. Pulling my Travel Trailer at 70 mph it quit on me. Motor stopped and I coasted off the interstate highway. Fortunately it restarted and I drove it 20 miles to a Ford dealership. Replaced the Electronic Throttle Body and I was good to go.
            Too bad that Ford refuses to fix this problem, I too am ready to switch to a Chevy.

            • State: MN

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