Jeeps Wobble, Rams Lunge — There Is No Fix for Chrysler Transmission Problems

October 29, 2014
By: Robert Silverman

The 1 800 Lemon Law hotline is red hot with Dodge Ram and Jeep Cherokee drivers complaining of Chrysler transmission problems and the lack of information they are receiving from their service advisors is making the situation even worse.

Imagine driving a new Ram truck or splurging on a Cherokee and having your computer updated, or your transmission replaced within months of ownership. And despite these serious repairs, the problem is still current. Chrysler transmission problems include but are not limited to high revving, lunging on the highway, losing power, shaking and wobbling. Basically, Ram and Cherokee drivers feel as if they are not in control of their vehicles. This makes for an extremely frustrating, not to mention dangerous, situation.

If you are dealing with Chrysler transmission problems, get your vehicle into the shop as soon as possible. Do not settle for a service representative telling you there is no fix and “they will reach out to you when they hear something from Chrysler.” Tell them you want to bring the car in NOW. Take service personnel for a test drive so they can experience the problem and make sure that you receive a repair invoice for each time you bring the vehicle to the dealer’s attention for the defect. If the dealer tells you there is no fix for the transmission problem, make sure they write that on the invoice.

Once you have three or more repair invoices for Chrysler transmission problems, you need to look into your lemon law and breach of warranty rights. You could be entitled to a complete repurchase or significant monetary compensation to reflect the diminished value of the vehicle and best of all, the help is free. Click here to find a lemon law firm in your state to contact.

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4 Responses to “Jeeps Wobble, Rams Lunge — There Is No Fix for Chrysler Transmission Problems”

  1. #1 Scott cromwell says:

    I have a 2014 Ram bighorn. Less than 5,200 miles on it. It has been in the shop a total of 7 times for the same transmission problem. First they said nothing wrong with it. Durring the 4th time in the shop the mechanic drove it and agreed there was “a problem”. They had my tuck for 11 days and replaced the valve body wich seemed to help for 3 days. The problem is still there but they are telling me nothing is wrong with my truck.

    • #2 LemonLaw says:

      @Scott: Visit to find information on the Laws in your state.

      • #3 Tim nininger says:

        I have been kicking the idea around of the lemon law I have a 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 dually and have had nothing but trouble out of the def fuel !! It has been in shop I think 6 times related to the def fuel system and just tired of messing with it would like for them just to replace the vehicle with one equipped exactly the same !! And have talked to Chrysler and can not get no info on the lemon law or help from them about it what so ever

        • #4 LemonLaw says:

          @Tim: I agree that you should at least look into your rights. Visit to find a lemon law firm in your state.

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