Chevrolet Bolt Battery Recall – Free Lemon Law Help

October 07, 2022
By: Robert Silverman

Consumers continue to call the 1 800 LEMON LAW hotline complaining of issues with the Chevrolet Bolt battery recall.  Many consumers have still been unable to have their batteries replaced, despite letters warning not to park the vehicle near their home or in a garage due to a potential fire hazard.  At the same time, as a result of previous recall, many of these same drivers are dealing with reduced charge on their current batteries, diminishing the vehicle’s value and usage.

1 800 LEMON LAW founding partner Bob Silverman and our legal team have been fighting vigorously for the rights of numerous Bolt owners, securing significant recoveries and repurchases.  We have now successfully resolved over 500 claims and we continue to open new cases. Under the fee-shifting provisions of the law, consumers who have been dealing with these usage obstacles as a result of the Chevrolet Bolt Battery recall situation have received completely cost-free legal representation, with GM paying all attorney fees and legal costs on top of recourse.  As a result of our firm’s efforts in handling Chevrolet Bolt battery call claims, Bob has been featured in numerous consumer stories with outlets such as News 12 New Jersey, WTAE TV Action News in Pittsburgh, and Investigate TV.

If you are driving a Chevrolet Bolt and dealing with either diminished battery charge and/or batteries on back order as a result of the Chevrolet Bolt battery recall, you have rights to secure significant remedy and possibly a full repurchase under Federal Warranty Laws and State Lemon Law statutes.  Feel free to submit your information here for a completely free case review.  Our team will contact you once your information is received to discuss how the Chevrolet Bolt battery recall is impacting you, and what you may be entitled to as a result of your situation.  You can call also give us a call at 1 800 LEMON LAW ( 1800 536 6652).

Our firm is currently handling Chevrolet Bolt battery lemon law and breach of warranty cases throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Texas, Michigan, and California.  If you are dealing with the Chevrolet Bolt battery recall, do not delay.  Call 1 800 LEMON LAW today.



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