Can Am Spyders Are Getting Drivers Hot & Bothered

July 31, 2015
By: Robert Silverman

Can Am Spyders are not only burning up the highways. They are burning up drivers’ legs. A recent claim involving a Can Am Spyder with excessive heat in the engine area has resulted in a significant recall affecting all 2013 Can Am Spyder riders throughout the United States and Canada.

If you have been back three or more times to a Can Am Roadster dealer complaining of excessive heat in the engine area and/or possible burns, it is very important that you look into your rights under State Lemon Laws and Federal Warranty Laws. You could be looking at a potential replacement or significant compensation to reflect the diminished value of the bike. If you qualify, you would be entitled to 100% cost-free legal representation. Make sure that following every visit, you receive a repair invoice which outlines the complaint and what repair was performed. Keep those invoices in a safe place.

If you are boiling over excessive heat in the engine compartment of your Can Am Spyder and have been back to the dealer repeatedly to address the issue, fill out Get Rid of Your Lemon form to have you claim reviewed for free. Even if the recall does finally address the issue, you may still be entitled to additional remedy, which is sure to get you revving again.

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4 Responses to “Can Am Spyders Are Getting Drivers Hot & Bothered”

  1. #1 Barbara Oprea says:

    I am writing about a 2015 cam am spider only had it since March of 2016 it has been in the shop more then on the road I paid 21,000 for it and still owe a small amount for it is still under warranty but. I was still charged out of pocket expenses for repairs .I need advice on what I can do thank wasn’t claimed sold as is I was told it had all new parts at time of purchase …but had nothing but problems with it ever since please help with this thank you ..

    • #2 LemonLaw says:

      @Barbara: Please visit and fill out the necessary details for review.

      • #3 Perry says:

        You should call the BBB in your area and discuss your problem,
        unless you can afford an Attorney.
        This won’t make you feel better, but I want you to know that your problem with CanAm and the Spyder has resulted in my not buying a new 2017 top of the line Spyder for $30.000. Just to many complaints not satisfied over the years. Yours convinced me.

        • State: Arizona
      • #4 LemonLaw says:

        @Perry: The State and Federal Laws provide completely cost-free legal representation. Do not go it alone against BBB, especially when you can have an experienced attorney represent you at no cost.

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