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PA State Rep Introduces Lemon Law for Motorcycles

June 12, 2015 By: LemonLaw Category: Magnuson Moss, PA Lemon Law, Pennsylvania Lemon Law

PA State Representative Pam Snyder (D) announced that she has introduced legislation that seeks to expand the PA Lemon Law to include protections for motorcycles (House Bill 1098).

Snyder believes that consumers who buy or lease a motorcycle in The Keystone State “should be afforded the same protections under the Lemon Law [that are] currently extended to consumers who purchase or lease a new car.”

Snyder explains:

“The purchase of a new motorcycle involves a significant investment on the part of the consumer. The cost of a new motorcycle could equal or exceed the purchase price of a new automobile. Some constituents use a motorcycle as their primary, or in some instances, sole means of transportation.”

A vehicle is considered a “lemon” when it has a defect or condition that substantially impairs its use, value, and/or safety. Currently, the PA Lemon Law does not apply to motorcycles, only offering protections for purchased and leased cars or personal trucks that are registered for the first time in Pennsylvania.

Because the PA Lemon Law does not cover motorcycles, consumers experiencing problems typical to a “lemon” are often represented by attorneys under the Federal Magnuson—Moss Warranty Act.

The Magnuson—Moss Warranty Act provides consumers with the same cost-free legal representation provided under the PA Lemon Law, though its protections differ and are not specific to motor vehicles, instead covering any product that costs more than $25 and is covered by a manufacturer’s original warranty.

Still in its early stages, State Representative Snyder’s bill was sent to the Pennsylvania House’s Consumer Affairs Committee for consideration. Previous amendments to the PA Lemon Law include the introduction of PA House Bill 767 in 2002, which requires dealers, lessors, and transferors to disclose if a used vehicle has a lemon history.

If you’re having problems with your motorcycle, you don’t need to wait for your state to enact a motorcycle Lemon Law to get help. Our attorneys provide completely cost-free legal help to consumers with motorcycle problems under the Federal Magnuson—Moss Warranty Act. This means no risk or cost to you when you have our firm handle your claim.

For more information on the Lemon Law in Pennsylvania, visit our page on the PA Lemon Law.

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