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Ford Focus and Ford Escape Stalling and Hesitation Problems Continue; Almost 160,000 Vehicles Recalled

September 12, 2014 By: LemonLaw Category: Engine Hesitation and Stalling, Ford, ford escape, ford focus, Recall

As we continue to represent numerous Ford Focus drivers for their transmission issues, a new problem has come into “focus,” and Ford Escape drivers cannot “escape” this matter either. It’s regarding a Ford Focus and Ford Escape stalling and hesitation problem.

The manufacturer is announcing a recall of 159,395 Ford Focus ST and Ford Escape vehicles from 2013 and 2014, saying their engines could hesitate or stall as a result of a wiring problem.  Unfortunately, we have already seen instances where Ford Focus and Ford Escape drivers have dealt with stalling issues on the roads. Ford Motor Company will notify customers when the repair is available.

In the meantime, if you sense your Ford Focus or Ford Escape is having a stalling or hesitation problem, it is essential that you get to a Ford-authorized dealer as soon as possible.  If needed, take the service adviser for a test drive to illustrate the issue, and make sure upon receipt of the fixed car, you also are given a repair invoice which outlines the problem you complained of, as well as the fix provided.

If you are back repeatedly to the shop for your Ford Focus or Ford Escape stalling or hesitation problem, you need to be aware of your rights under State Lemon Laws and Federal Warranty Statutes.  Click here to find a Lemon Law Lawyer in your state who can help you.


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26 Responses to “Ford Focus and Ford Escape Stalling and Hesitation Problems Continue; Almost 160,000 Vehicles Recalled”

  1. #1 Van Woody says:

    2012 Ford Focus stalling hesitation problems with 19,000 miles and I have an extended warranty and they replacing transmission, gear shift assembly.
    Should I consider filing under the lemon law anyhow because now I cannot trust if the repairs will take care of the problem?

    The salesman was questioned about the shifting when tested and it was explained it was like driving a standard and we were sold a bag worms?

    • #2 Nini Nolen says:

      My 2013 Ford Escape ecoboost, has been in the repair shop at leadt 20 times, now it’s been at the dealership since 12/30/15 for a blown transmission and axel. Why has this happened, we hate this vehicle, it’s been a nightmare owning it. so many recalls, so many repairs for water pump, radiator, axel bearings an other things too.We do not want this car anymore.

      • #3 LemonLaw says:

        @Nini: You need to talk to a lemon law attorney. Please visit to find a firm that can help you.

        • #4 Claude latulippe says:

          Yes hear were you are coming from I got a 2013 ford focus with 25600km on the car and they tell me that the clutch is gone for the second time this scared think sometime go to make a turn and walk on the gas and the car will not go no were with on coming traffic coming @ me so I, m a sitting duck or I will be.a dead duck thank you to ford motor company? ?????

          • #5 Nancy Casey says:

            I have a 2016 ford escape with 7007 miles and it just stalled on the interstate yesterday. Had to have it towed. Took it to dealership today and was told there is nothing wrong with my car.

            • #6 Brenda C. says:

              I also have a 2016 Escape. It has stalled 4 times recently. I talked to the dealership and they told me the computer may need an update.

              • #7 Rhonda says:

                We have a 2016 Ford Escape with 8500 mile and it stalled at a traffic light yesterday lost power and engine light came on to service now. Turned off key and after a couple of minutes started the car back up and took immediately to our Ford dealership to let them know what happened and that we called a few days earlier about the engine trying to stall but was told that if no warning lights came on not t worry about it and then this happen, called today and was told they could not duplicate the problem.

                • #8 LemonLaw says:

                  @Brenda: I would certainly look into your lemon law rights. Please visit to have us review the situation or call us at 800 536 6652.

                  • #9 Andrea says:

                    I have a 2016 Ford Escape with 11,000 miles. My car stalled while driving and accelerating through a busy intersection. This happened twice and I took to the Ford dealership immediately Monday morning. They drove the car 37 miles and had no issues. I pick the car up and go directly home, however, the next morning, the car again stalls and shakes violently while driving down the road. The light comes on ‘Engine Fault Service Now.’ It’s at the dealer again.

                    • #10 Jennifer says:

                      2013 Ford Escape 4wd Ecoboost.

                      Stalling on occasion for about 6 months now. No codes and no issues pop up during a scan. It typically stalls within a minute of starting the car, I can sometimes feel it start to rumble prior to stalling. Took it to the dealership twice and they said they could not replicate the issue and that there was no recalls for this on my car. There are however 2 other recalls they have yet to fix.

                      • State: Utah
                    • #11 Erin says:

                      I have a 2010 Ford Focus se. I had been having issues with it stalling while stopping at lights and rough idling for about a year on and off now. It seemed to get worse when the weather outside was about 25c. We did replace the head gasket seal after discovering it was leaking oil and getting all over the spark plugs. Still the problem continued. It would jerk and the Rpms would fluctuate quite heavily while idling and also stall often.
                      We then replaced the spark plugs thinking that would do it. Nope. It continued.
                      After doing some research we tried cleaning the throttle body and sensors. Less than $20 at Canadian tire for two cleaning sprays. The next week or so will really tell but yesterday and every other day for the last month it was jerking and stalling numerous times and today after cleaning those things it hasn’t once been an issue!!
                      I know there have been lots of the same complaints with these vehicles and often nobody can figure it out. Just thought I’d share my success (fingers crossed).

                      • #12 Al Q Dela Paz says:

                        I have 2013 Ford Escape SE Ecoboost. Firts issue back in 8/2/2013 with 5,196 miles vehicle stalling intermittenly and steering wheel locking up while driving. I brought to dealer and said nothing wrong with the stalling and steering wheel is fine. On 11/11/013 rear hatch open automatically while driving and rear wiper stuck intermittently, car stalled. The dealer said just battery got drained and need a jump start. Various service recall attended within warranty period ie engine wire splice repair, replace restraints control etc. Had so many jums start request recently from road side assistant (documented). The other day my car has been towed to dealer because it was totally not starting, cant jump start, they said more diagnostic needed and out of warranty. Do you think is one of the LEMON issue?

                        • State: California
                      • #13 LemonLaw says:

                        @Al: I would certainly look into your rights. Visit to find a firm in your state who can help.

                        • #14 Keely says:

                          Multiple hesitations for my 2015 Escape with 33K & it has stalled now 2 times in the past 2 weeks

                          • State: California
                        • #15 CIndy says:

                          2014 Ford ESCAPE STALLING for Over a Year and a half I have VIDEO of it the technician was with me when It happened and they still cant fix it been into MANTECA FORD NUMEROUS TIMES each time had to pay the Car RENTAL for them to tell me they cant FIX IF they cant DIAGNOSE they even wrote technician noted stalling while Driving with me I take it in again My warranty is almost up now and they say it is the Battery …charge me for a New Batter.. then say it is the Alternator which is Covered but not the 5 DAY rental while it was being installed… I get it back and the mechanic did not hook up radiator reservoir, I am driving to work and it started over heating they rushed to pick it up and had it back the next day when they were paying for the Rental… Car still STALLS Audio is intermittent just as before

                          • State: CA
                        • #16 Tony says:

                          I have a 2013 ford Escape 1.6 litre. The car started stalling right after driving the engine light didn’t come on so they couldn’t diagnose it. Finally it stalled and the light came on and they said it was the fuel pump. I’ve replaced both of them $1200. after they didn’t work I replaced the fuel modulator driver. No help. The ford mechanic says we’ve done everything possible. Now I hear there is a recall some wiring issues in the column. But my VIN # not on the recall. 6 months in.

                          • State: Arizona
                        • #17 Andrew says:

                          I have a 2012 ford escape that stalls and hesitates despite changing out the throttle body and mass air flow sensor. I am currently out at least $1200 in repairs, this is absolutely ridiculous. I am currently attempting to file a claim with Ford for reimbursement but in the mean time I do not have a working vehicle.

                          • State: New Mexico
                        • #18 irene mccallister says:

                          I just bought Focus 2017 wit 18,500 miles I slows down on its own while driving 25 mpg. Major problems with design or manufacture at Ford. Avoid Ford.

                          • State: fl
                        • #19 Michelle Read says:

                          Ford 2015 has been a nightmare. First the evap purge valve, emissions canister and ventilation filter needed to be replaced for $1,200 and now the car has been stalling for months. In the shop for the 5x. Replaced Fuel pressure sensor and it stalled out less then 24 hours later, back at the shop and they can’t diagnose the problem. Been without a car for 19 days! How is it legal for them to keep selling defective vehicles?? Lemon Law doesn’t apply because car had 24k miles when I bought it.

                          • State: CO
                        • #20 Ray says:

                          My wife and I purchased a 2015 Ford Escape with Ecoboost in 2016. It was a fleet vehicle for the dealer. Recently it started stalling out on the road while driving. Almost causing an accident. I have had more than enough of this piece of garbage. They jacked up the price by the time it was time to sign, so high I can’t afford to trade it off. This is an embarrassing piece of junk. I will NEVER buy another Ford again. Especially now I know Ford made the tanks for the Nazis during WWII! Oh that little fact escaped many. Had I known about that before buying the Escape. I would NEVER have purchased it. It is time to Escape the Escape!

                          • State: OK
                        • #21 Myaa says:

                          I have a 2012 FORD FOCUS SE HATCHBACK with almost 150,000 miles on it. I did not notice this buckling or stalling issue til recently, my heart dropped when I pressed my foot on the gas and the car would not move and I was merging onto the highway with my child in the back seat. My foot was to the floor on the gas pedal and still nothing it was like the car was stuck on 10 mph not moving! I’m so over this car I don’t even want it anymore!! When it does work it literally jumps as if I’m stalling on a manual car when my car is an automatic!! The check engine light is on and Ford keeps saying it’s fine this is not fine! This can be a potential death hazard!

                          • State: Arizona
                        • #22 Marcia Rogers says:

                          I have a 2016 Ford Escape 14,600 miles, yesterday while driving on the highway my car started to shake and slow down, I had no control of the brakes and couldn’t accelerate the car was stalled. I was able to get it over to the side of the road and my dash was lit up like a holiday tree, engine fault service is displayed along with all the other dash warning lights. I was able to turn the car off and start it again, it’s at the dealership now for diagnosis. This could be a life threatening issue, your car just shouldn’t stall especially going higher speeds.

                          • State: Washington
                        • #23 Sarah Elksnitis says:

                          I have a 2014 Ford Escape and had the same problem a while back. I didn’t feel comfortable driving my car so I got it towed into the dealership and same issues. They tried to tell me I needed all this computer work done and that it was gonna cost me well over 2,000. I asked them to replace my battery so that I could just get back on the road and that I didn’t have the money to do all the work at the time. A few months went by and I am now dealing with the same issues. I don’t feel safe driving my car and I never know when it’s going to stall on me.

                          • State: FL
                        • #24 Anthony P says:

                          2nd time 2016 Ford Escape stalled while driving. This last time me and my entire family nearly was moments from being terribly hurt as vehicle just stalled and lost all power while on the 40 hgwy. A 18 wheeler had to slam his brakes to prevent a pile up. Very bad. Currently, as of today my 2016 Ford Escape amis at Ford Lincoln dealer in Asheville, NC and I will be soon contacting counsel as no one.. none of us should be dealing with this lemon of a situation with such a new model vehicle. I refuse to drive now with this being the 2nd occurance. Who is to say on the 3rd time we will make it out alive? Ford!?

                          • State: NC
                        • #25 RobertCoover says:

                          2013 escape stalls periodically at a stop light or while slowing to stop. Can over filling the gas tank cause this problem?

                          • #26 jackie besser says:

                            Bought a 2017 Ecoboost Ford Escape 2 years ago and it has started stalling most of the time when I come to a stop. I have to put it in park to restart it. It has 30,000 miles and I took it in to be fixed. They had it for 4 days and said one of the electrical wires was not grounded. Plus the auto park feature had been sending fault signals and I had taken it in twice for this and each time was told there was nothing wrong. This time they replaced the parking sensor and I think that has fixed that problem. Drove home from the dealership and it stalled on the way home. If I didn’t pay for the extended warranty I would be trading this car in for something else. It is not safe. Very disappointed in Ford. Also, I bought a used 2013 Ford Focus for my son 2.5 years ago. Water started condensation on the inside windows every morning. Found more than 12 inches of water in the trunk and 3 inches of water on the floor on the passengers side front and back. After googling this found out that Focus’s cabin air intake filter is right under the passengers windshield and the seal always fails causing water to leak in. The dealer did not know why the trunk would leak unless the waterways were blocked. When I checked them they were not blocked and they said the seal on the trunk must be bad too. The Focus has had other problems and has been a huge headache. I have had a Toyota Hylander for 5 years and a Prius for 7 years and had no problems. Going to stick with Toyota for now on.

                            • State: VA

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