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But Wait There’s More….Drivers Complain of Chrysler 200 Hesitation and Jerking

November 21, 2012 By: LemonLaw Category: Chrysler

Lemon Law Attorney Chrsitina Gill Roseman read our previous post about Chrysler 200 models stalling and she wanted to add to the list.  Drivers are complaining of Chrysler 200 hesitation and jerking problems as well.  Christina has seen several cases recently involving the transmission and/or power control modules.

If your Chrysler 200 is jerking on the road or hesitating on the highway, it is not your imagination.  Get to an authorized Chrysler authorized dealer as soon as possible to have the matter addressed. And if the matter cannot be addressed after several attempts, contact us   We have already helped several consumers receive repurchases as a result of this defect.

Remember, even if the dealer says that cannot duplicate the concern or offer a fix, make sure you receive an invoice and keep those invoices in a safe place.  Those invoices may be your ticket to a new ride.

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25 Responses to “But Wait There’s More….Drivers Complain of Chrysler 200 Hesitation and Jerking”

  1. #1 Robin Powell says:

    My 2011 200 has been stalling when I attempt to take off, I took it to the dealer last year and again yesterday. I could not go over 40 miles per hour and the RMP’s were going up to 6, almost to 7. I just learned that the dealership has found no problem.

    • #2 Crystal Cook says:

      Hi there, I just purchased a 2012 Chrysler 200 Limited on Memorial Day. Since it has been back to the dealership 3 times! And that is where it is now. When we first test drove it was shifting hard in to gears and hesitating. It almost staled out a few times as well. The first two times the dealership couldn’t get it to do what it’s been doing to us and couldn’t find any problems. Now this third time I hope they fix it. I mean I just bought the car and have had it two weeks and most of the time it’s been in the shop. Never have they asked if we needed a rental car either. I mean $15,000 for a car that I cannot drive is insane!!!

      • #3 Lady Brice says:

        Bought a Chrysler 200s Nov. 2014. Feb. 2015 went back to dealer with hard shifting and hesitation from 2-3 gears and hard hesitation down shifting from 4-3-2. Dealer kept car for 24 hours and flashed computer as well as updatef PCM/TCM programs. Car was driven until same issues again April 2015. Dealer kept car and drove agreeing that transmission continues hard shifting and hesitation like cannot find right gears. Service tech flashed computer did more updates and gave me the car back. Well have been back two more times coupled months apart and dealer claims they are at a loss for a fix. The car is now sitting in my garage with less than 8000 miles on it as I’m scared to drive it. $24,000 car is a piece of crap!

        • #4 LemonLaw says:

          @Lady Brice: I would consult with a lemon law lawyer to find out more about your rights. Visit to find one in your state.

          • #5 Josephine Aiello says:

            I have a Chrysler 200 convertible that I am still paying for. It just recently started to strut down while I’m driving and then a check engine light goes on. I have never had any trouble with my car until now. I have been rescind tgat I’m not the only one with this problem. What can be done about it, without paying for the problem. Clearly it is Chyrsler’svfault.

            • #6 Sieara harders says:

              Car takes a second to shift gears and rpms go up to 4 sometimes 5

              • #7 J says:

                I have a 2015 chysler 200 that ive owned for a week and mine just started being hesitant on take off almost feel like like something is pulling the car backwards as its trying to go forward. And also when coming to a stop sonetimes ill feel this jerk like it jumped a gear i have an appointment with the dealer but im almost positive theyll say they cant find the issue.

                • #8 Jesus Fernandez says:

                  Im in the same situation as lady Brice.
                  I have had my 2014 Chrysler 200s in the shop over 8 times regarding my transmision doing almost exactly what she described.
                  They rebuilt the transmission at 7,000 miles and again at 20,000 miles.
                  They also reprogrammed it several times in between.
                  I am now at 37,000 miles and around 30,000 miles it starting acting up again.

                  • #9 LemonLaw says:

                    @Jesus: I would certainly look into your rights. Visit to find a firm in your state who may be able to help.

                    • #10 cowboy4life says:

                      I recently Bought a 2015 Chrysler 200, And have had it less than 3 weeks, and it is starting to hesitate, and lose power from takeoff, but rides fine after that, but continues to perform in the same manner every time from a stop, to Start position. I am posting to see if any resolution has happened from other post here ? I’m tryin to get as much info as I can, so I know what to expect when dealing with this. It still has a Full warranty, and if it isn’t corrected, I will take Legal matters immediately, I will not carry the burden of a Manufacturer defect

                      • #11 LemonLaw says:

                        @Cowboy4life: Make sure you that if the issue is not addressed, you continue to take the car back to your service adviser and you keep all of your repair invoices. The fact that the car is used may limit rights but you would at least have a claim under Federal warranty law.

                        • #12 Josh says:

                          I purchased a 2013 Chrysler 200 Limited with the V6 and 6 speed transmission about a month ago. Almost immediately I noticed a clunk or jamming into gears as I approach a stop and it does this 80% of the time I stop. I have had the car back at the dealer 3 times for this issue in the month and made their transmission mechanic take 2 test rides with me. The first time he reprogrammed the PCM for me and that seemed to help relieve some of the issue in the middle gears with shifting but the thump upon stopping still occurs. I was there again after that and they did nothing to the car but sent it home with me. I went back a week later and made the tech go out on another test ride where he noticed the thump but told me that was normal for that car and he wasn’t going to be able to get it any better than it was. In the meantime the car also started to shutter/skip while accelerating which is a new problem. He stated he didn’t think this was a transmission related problem but that may be a mapping sensor. I have another appointment to go back on October 9th so I guess we will see what happens next…..

                          • State: Pennsylvania
                        • #13 LemonLaw says:

                          @Josh: If the car is still under Chrysler warranty, and you are going back to an authorized Chrysler dealer, please visit for a free case review.

                          • #14 Lolita Johnson says:

                            I recently purchased a used 2015 Chrysler 200 on January 11, 2018: since then I have taken it back to the dealership three times as the car hesitates when I start to pull off & it feels like it is dragging. There was also a vibration that could be felt when the car was at a stop, the check engine light came on so I took it back for the second time, they said that the computer had to be flashed to fix the problem; but the car is still hesitating, so I took it back for the third time on Monday Feb. 5, 2018; they kept the car over night, when I picked the car up I was told that there is nothing wrong with the car, there were no updates for it & the car is operating normally. I know that there is something wrong with it, What can I do to get this fixed as I am still paying for this car!!!

                            • State: NY
                          • #15 LemonLaw says:

                            @Lolita: Once the car is back a fourth time, call us at 1 800 536 6652 to discuss your rights and how we can help.

                            • #16 GRACE LINDSEY says:


                              • State: AL
                            • #17 DORIE HALL says:

                              I just bought a used Chrysler 200 and it hesitates when starting car
                              up first thing, but after that seems okay. Literally it is four days since
                              I bought car. What could be the problem?

                              • State: Michigan
                            • #18 DORIE HALL says:

                              Should have mentioned stepping on gas it jerks then most of the time is okay, sometimes jerks after initial start up.

                              • State: Michigan
                            • #19 DORIE HALL says:

                              I should have mentioned it is gas peddle when pressed makes car
                              jerk. Most of the time after is okay. What could cause this?

                              • State: Michigan
                            • #20 Rick gudlewski says:

                              I have a 2015 200- same issue with hesitation and jerking – dealer continues to tell me this is normal ??? – I do not think so – i do not feel safe – I am going to bring back to dealer again – I am going to put it in writing this time and pursue my next course if action

                              • State: Ct
                            • #21 Robert Allen says:

                              I have a 2016 Chrysler 200 i bought brand new and is still under warranty I’ve had He car 1 year and 6 months now I’ve only done repairs with the dealership where I purchased the car everything on time oil changes tire rotations etc 5 weeks ago my car started to jerk i dropped it off at the dealer and ive called everyday for 5 weeks for a loaner and was told every time that there isn’t and loaner cars available and that i was waiting for “CHRYSLER” to send a team to come and evaluate the issue i received a call yesterday for me to pick my car up and that there was nothing that could be done about the jerking Chrysler them selves couldn’t come up with a solution to the problem and asked for me to drive the car until the check engine light comes on… My mind is blown seeing that I’m still making payments I’ve made 2 payment since the issue and have not driven the car and am not going to drive the car might just leave it at the dealership is there anything that i could do about this issue

                              • State: Texas
                            • #22 Brittainy Barber says:

                              I bought a 2016 Chrysler 200 in November of 2017. The car had 15K miles on it and I was told it was previously a rental car. It is still under warranty, and now 8 months after purchase it has been in the mechanic shop 5 time (just took it the fifth time yesterday). Twice it was the thermostat needing replacement. Once was the water pump went out. Another time they said nothing was wrong but they changed my battery and it should fix whatever was wrong. This time? Who knows yet but it is acting up the same as with the thermostat. Also, it has been vibrating and jerking between 30-40 mph since about three weeks after buying it. The mechanic told me it was because of the type of engine in it that it idles hard. I do not believe that for a second. It will be about a week before I learn what is wrong this time. Would this fall under the Texas Lemon Law for this car?

                              • State: Texas
                            • #23 John says:

                              We have a 2013 chrysler 200 touring,purchased about 6months ago it has 49,000 miles on it…when I am pressing the gas around 50mph it feels like it skips and jerks some days are worse than others..I have cleaned the mass air flow sensor added fuel treatment….and replaced the plugs…I need this car to be right!!!! I have two small children.. What could be the problem

                              • State: Al
                            • #24 Niegel Ligon says:

                              I purchased my Chrysler 200 in 2016, I was experiencing jerking and my rpm would stay up to about 4 or 5 even when I take my foot off the gas. I was told it was due to the spark plugs. I got the spark plugs changed and I’m still experiencing the same thing. What must I do?

                              • State: GA
                            • #25 Calvin johnson says:

                              My Chrysler 2016 200 has 6500 miles its vibrating an stumbling doing take off

                              • State: Ga

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