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What is the PA Lemon Law?

The PA Lemon Law applies to new vehicles purchased or leased and registered in Pennsylvania, or registered for the first time in Pennsylvania, that have been back to the shop repeatedly for the same issue or for an extended period of time. Under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law and other Federal Statutes, consumers could be entitled to a new car, a complete repurchase, or significant monetary compensation.

You may qualify for FREE help if:

  • Your problem occurred under an original or extended manufacturer's warranty.
  • Your vehicle has been in the shop 3+ times for the same issue or out of service for 30+ calendar days.
  • Your vehicle has been purchased, leased, or registered in Pennsylvania.

If you answered yes to all of the above, you may qualify for compensation under the PA Lemon Law or Federal Warranty Law. Call 1-800-LEMON-LAW or click below for help.

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Lemon Law Information For PA Drivers

Are you driving a lemon in Pennsylvania? You may be entitled to a new car or refund. Learn more about your right to 100% FREE legal aid under the PA Lemon Law.

Pennsylvania Lemon Law Summary

The Pennsylvania Lemon Law covers new cars and personal trucks that are purchased or leased and registered in PA, or new cars and personal trucks that are registered for the first time in Pennsylvania. It applies when a vehicle has been in the shop an unreasonable number of times (normally three or more) for the same nonconformity, so long as the first occurrence happens within the first 12 months or 12,000 miles – whichever comes first.

Under the PA Lemon Law, a "nonconformity" is defined as "a defect or condition that substantially impairs the use, value, and/or safety of a vehicle."

The Pennsylvania Lemon Law also applies to vehicles that have been in the shop for thirty (30) calendar days or more during the first year or 12,000 miles – again, whichever comes first. These days do not need to be consecutive or for the same issue.

To be covered by the PA Lemon Law, a vehicle must be for personal use or family/household purposes.

Your rights under the PA Lemon Law do not apply if the problem is caused by your own neglect, alteration, or abuse of the vehicle. Likewise, the PA Lemon Law does not cover problems or defects due to vandalism, accidents, or work performed on the vehicle by anyone who is not authorized by the manufacturer.

If your vehicle has been in the shop for repetitive repairs under warranty, but the first visit did not occur within the Lemon Law parameters, you may still be entitled to remedy under Federal Law.

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Possible Outcomes Under The Pennsylvania Lemon Law

  • A complete and total repurchase of the original vehicle.
  • A brand-new car or truck to replace your lemon.
  • Monetary compensation, plus you keep the vehicle.

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Does The PA Lemon Law Apply To Motorcycles Or Used Vehicles?

PA drivers frequently ask us: "Does the Pennsylvania Lemon Law cover motorcycles and used vehicles?"

Currently, the PA Lemon Law does not offer protections for motorcycles, off-road vehicles, motor homes, commercial vehicles, or used cars and trucks. The only time a used vehicle is covered under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law is when a dealer fails to disclose the vehicle's lemon history at the time of purchase (which may also be covered under the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices Act).

But don't lose hope just yet. In the next section, we cover legal alternatives to the Pennsylvania Lemon Law. This means we may still be able to help you, completely free of charge.

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Legal Alternatives To The Pennsylvania Lemon Law

If you have a used car, motorcycle, ATV, or your car's first repair is outside of the scope of the PA Lemon Law, there is a chance that we can help you using the Federal Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act.

If your vehicle has been in the shop three times or more for a single problem under an original, powertrain, or extended manufacturer's warranty, you could be entitled to significant monetary compensation to reflect the diminished value of the vehicle. Plus, you get to keep the car.

Just like the Lemon Law, legal representation under the Federal Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act is completely FREE.

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Changes To The PA Lemon Law

With the introduction of House Bill 767, which was drafted with the assistance of Founding Partner Craig Thor Kimmel, the Pennsylvania Lemon Law now requires dealers, lessors, and transferors to disclose the lemon history of all used vehicles.

Additionally, the dealer or classified seller must obtain a signature from the buyer or lessee before the sale/lease can be completed. This is to ensure that both the buyer/lessee and dealer/seller were completely aware of vehicle's history before the transaction was completed.

Learn more about how House Bill 767 expanded the PA Lemon Law.

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Get FREE Legal Help For Your PA Lemon Law Claim

The PA Lemon Lawyers at Kimmel & Silverman provide 100% COST-FREE legal representation using the fee-shifting provisions of the Pennsylvania Lemon Law and the Federal Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act.

If you prevail in your case, the PA Lemon Law requires the manufacturer to cover all attorney fees and legal costs on top of any remedy you receive (such as cash back or a new vehicle). In the rare occurrence you do not prevail, there still is no cost to you.

No matter what the outcome, you won't have to pay a penny out of pocket. This means you have nothing to lose when filing your claim with our Firm.

We've handled tens of thousands of Lemon Law claims over the years, and we understand that your situation can be stressful and frustrating. It is important for you to keep calm and maintain a record of all repair invoices, receipts, and interactions you've had with the manufacturer and authorized dealer.

Each time you take your lemon car or truck in for repair, be sure to ask for a copy of the repair invoice. Make sure each repair invoice accurately describes your problem with the vehicle, as well as any work completed to fix the defect.

Next, take a moment to confirm whether you are driving a lemon:

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Why Call 1-800-LEMON-LAW?

Kimmel & Silverman has more experienced Lemon Law Lawyers on staff than any other Pennsylvania Law Firm. We've successfully represented more than 75,000 consumers since 1991 and are proud to be the oldest, largest, and most successful Lemon Law Firm in the Keystone State.

Our attorneys have provided free legal help to drivers from every county throughout the state, recovering more new cars and buybacks than any other Lemon Law Firm in Pennsylvania.

Kimmel & Silverman is also the ONLY Lemon Law Firm to be named Pennsylvania Super Lawyers every year since its inception!

Founding partners Robert Silverman and Craig Thor Kimmel, along with Managing Attorney Jacqueline Herritt, have been repeatedly honored for their work, representing the top 5% of all attorneys in the state.

In addition, many of our associates have been honored as Pennsylvania Rising Stars, and we've been named "The Best Lemon Law Firm" by Philadelphia Magazine.

Our efforts have also been featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Scranton Times, the Erie Times, the Allentown Morning Call, and many other newspapers and magazines; and our attorneys have appeared on newscasts, television programs, and radio talk shows throughout the state.

Driving a lemon? Make the call to 1-800-LEMON-LAW (1-800-536-6652) or email us for your FREE case review.

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