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Maryland Lemon Law

Maryland Lemon Law

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The Maryland Lemon Law provides 100% cost-free lemon law help to distressed drivers throughout the state. If you are driving a lemon, the Maryland Lemon Law firm of Kimmel & Silverman may be able to help. Kimmel & Silverman has provided cost-free lemon law help to more than 50,000 consumers throughout the tri-state region and is the only Lemon Law Firm to be honored by the American Bar Association.

The Maryland Lemon Law covers vehicles that have a significant non-conformity which can not be fixed after a reasonable number of repair attempts (normally four). or a serious braking or steering problem which can't be fixed after the first try. The nonconformity must occur in the first 24 months of ownership or 18,000 miles, whichever comes first. The MD Lemon Law also covers vehicles that have been out of service 30 or more days within the first 24 months.

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Please be advised though, that even if you do not fall under the provisions of the Maryland Lemon Law, you still could be entitled to a remedy under the Federal Breach of Warranty Law, known as the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. If you have questions about the Maryland Lemon Law, feel free to e-mail us, submit a Get Rid Of Your Lemon form, or call our toll-free hotline, 1-800-LEMON-LAW (1-800-536-6652). You have nothing to lose except your lemon!

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