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2015 Car Complaint Index

Thanks to consumer advocate Jack Gillis, author of The 2015 Car Book, and the efforts of the Center for Auto Safety, we are able to provide you with the Top 20 vehicle complaints on file with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Each year, thousands of Americans call their government to register complaints about their vehicles. The complaint index is based on a ratio of the number of complaints for each vehicle to the sales of that vehicle. The numbers represent relative index scores, not the number of complaints received. The complaint index score considers sales volume and years on the road. Lower index numbers are better.

The Car Book is available for sale through the Center For Auto Safety if you are interested in purchasing a copy.

The 2015 Projected Car Complaint Index Ratings

Model Complaint Index Ratio
Acura RLX >20,000
Fiat 500L >20,000
Mercedes Benz CLA >20,000
Jeep Cherokee 18,813
Nissan Pathfinder 16,663
Jeep Grand Cherokee 10,221
Ford Focus 13,174
Infiniti QX60 12,355
Mitsubishi Outlander 12,251
Hyundai Santa Fe 11,975
Ford Fiesta 11,215
Kia Forte 11,166
Chevrolet Volt 10,910
Jeep Wrangler 10,745
Acura MDX 9,970
Dodge Durango 9,908
Ford C-Max 9,908
Chevrolet Spark 9,381
Infiniti Q70 8,812

For more information on the consumer complaint database please visit the NHTSA website.

Reprinted with permission from The 2015 Car Book, 34th edition by Jack Gillis, Amy Curran, Peter Kitchen, Brennan Gillis, Eli Greenspan. © 2015 All Rights Reserved. Information presented here does not reflect the opinions of Kimmel & Silverman, P.C., its attorneys, or its staff.

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