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Consumer Complaints: Ford Fiesta Problems (2014-2016)

June 14, 2016 By: LemonLaw Category: Car Complaints, Consumer Rights, Ford

Recent Car Problems & Complaints Reported By Ford Fiesta Owners

2014-2016 Ford Fiesta Problems & Complaints

From transmission problems (like jumping, lunging, and lurching) to oil, water, and coolant leaks, consumers have been complaining about problems with recent Ford Fiesta models.

Ford Fiesta is also listed in the 2016 Car Complaint Index. This information is available in The 2016 Car Book by consumer advocate Jack Gillis.

If you drive a Ford Fiesta and are experiencing similar problems, you’re not alone. This article covers commonly reported Ford Fiesta problems, as well as what to do if you are experiencing the same issue repeatedly after multiple repair attempts.

Ford Fiesta Transmission Problems

According to, the most commonly reported problem in recent years affects the 2014 Ford Fiesta, which has been said to suffer an “intermittent shudder when taking off.” Other issues reported by consumers include transmission failure and acceleration problems (like jerking and hesitation).

We’ve previously covered other problems with the Ford Fiesta right here on the Lemon Law Blog, with our most recent coverage in late 2015.

In a prior post, we reviewed reports and claims of issues with the Fiesta’s EcoBoost transmission, a problem that’s similar to a separate issue reported by Ford Focus drivers. While this transmission is not found in 2015 or 2016 Ford Fiesta models, it is present in Ford Fiesta models from 2011-2014.

Ford Fiesta & Your Consumer Rights

The Ford Fiesta is a fine car, and many drivers have a great experience with it.

Not every vehicle is a lemon, and just because a vehicle has problems or is recalled doesn’t mean the Lemon Law applies. However, if you find you are bringing your car or truck – Ford Fiesta or otherwise – to the dealership multiple times for the same issue, it’s important to know your rights, as you may be covered under State Lemon Law or Federal Warranty Law.

In some instances, the dealership may try to tell you that these issues are “normal,” even when they are not. Whenever you bring your Ford Fiesta in for repair, be sure to obtain a copy of the service invoice and keep a record of your experience with the dealer. The more information you have, the stronger your Lemon Law claim will be.

If you think your Ford Fiesta may be a lemon, please email us or call 1-800-LEMON-LAW to speak with a representative. We have represented clients experiencing Ford Fiesta problems in the past, and we want to help you, too. There is no cost for our service, if we choose to assist you with your claim, and your case evaluation is 100% cost-free.

As we always say: You have nothing to lose except your lemon!

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4 Responses to “Consumer Complaints: Ford Fiesta Problems (2014-2016)”

  1. #1 Recovering Damages for a Defective Vehicle: Understanding the Basics of Lemon Laws | says:

    […] to get as many of the vehicles off the road before they become lemon law cases. A recent example is major problems with the Ford Fiesta, which has caused some dealers to try to purchase the vehicles back from owners, in order to avoid […]

    • #2 Janice Isbill says:

      I bought my 2014 ford fiesta titanium at the end of 2014. I needed a reliable vehicle to get back and forth for my son at BSU, Indiana, and my other son and family that live 200 miles away from my location. I took vehicle in for service last year and when I picked it up they said they also fixed the recalled transmission, which I was not informed had been recalled. I recently have been having problems with car leaving me stranded until I can get it jumped, thought it was battery, took it in last week, they say it is transmission again. I pick it up after they called and said it was ready to find out there are a couple parts, clutch related they were still waiting to receive and would call when in. They called and set up another trip in to get this repaired. Before the date to get car back in it left me stranded after work again, same problem. I had to call someone to come jump my car to get it home. Had appt for today to get it fixed so took it in and left it with them yesterday since I cannot drive it anyway. Last visit there when picking up I asked them why it happened when the recalled transmission had been replaced, supposedly fixed and all I got was shrug of shoulders and “don’t know” from service personnel. They did not give me a service invoice, which I thought was a little odd since they did service it in some way while it was there. They had it for a couple days. The car is suppose to be done again today, so I am going to try to get a service invoice from service before and service completed today. Starting to feel this car is not reliable and will leave me stranded again in an area not so easy to find help if I try to drive it to further destinations. At this point not sure what my next step should be, try to sell it to cover what I still owe? Tired of being a burden to family getting me to work etc. and not feel like I can leave to see my sons at any given moment. Thank you.

      • #3 LemonLaw says:

        @Janice: Please visit and contact the firm in your state to discuss the matter.

        • #4 Monica M Gonzalez says:

          I’m having tons of tranmission issues with no assistances by ford. It’s very hard with always paying for all the issues. Now I have another issue with the clutch fork on the car.

          • State: Illinois

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