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Reinhart Ford Announces Plan to Offer Free Car History Reports

Editor's Note: In this particular case, even the dealer was tricked into purchasing a car with a rolled back odometer, proving that no one is safe from odometer fraud.

Reinhart Ford will now offer free vehicle history reports to all consumers who are considering purchasing used cars from their dealership. Kimmel & Silverman applauds dealerships such as Reinhart Ford who make an extra effort to ensure the quality of their pre-owned cars and trucks.

(May, 2002) - One year after filing a lawsuit alleging odometer fraud, Steelton resident Shawn Mosley has settled his lawsuit against Ephrata-based Reinhart Ford. The dealership has agreed to compensate Mosley for the cost of the vehicle and the ensuing litigation. Mosley was represented by attorney Craig Thor Kimmel of Kimmel & Silverman, P.C., a law firm that handles automotive consumer issues.

In addition, Reinhart Ford has announced that it will now provide current and future customers with detailed vehicle history reports for every used car sold on its lot.

Reinhart Ford thought they had found a winner at the Manheim Auto Auction when they picked up a 1996 Ford Taurus with only 39,151 miles. They never thought that the actual mileage was 104,755, or that the car had been involved in an accident in Massachusetts.

They sold the car to Mosley, who received a letter from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) 14 months later, alerting him that his odometer had been rolled back more than 65,000 miles. That's when Mosley filed a lawsuit against Reinhart. Under the Federal Odometer Act, consumers are entitled to receive cost-free legal representation under these circumstances.

While Reinhart Ford acknowledges purchasing the vehicle from Manheim Auto Auction and selling it to Mosley, evidence gathered to date reveals that the dealership was not involved in the odometer tampering, had no designs to purposely defraud Mosley, and was not aware of the situation prior to Mosley receiving a letter from NHTSA.

According to an investigation of the vehicle through Carfax, an industry and consumer service which tracks vehicle histories, the Fleet Management Company of Waltham, Massachusetts reported the vehicle as having 104,755 miles as of July 30, 1999. On August 8, 1999, the vehicle was sold to Reinhart Ford at the Manheim Auto Auction with a reported mileage of 39,151. Mosley purchased the car from Reinhart Ford three days later.

Attorney Kimmel says that this situation is not unusual. "When it comes to used cars, it's a case of buyer beware, especially when the dealer isn't sure of the vehicle's past. I applaud Reinhart's new vehicle history policy. By offering detailed vehicle history reports to consumers at no cost, Reinhart is doing the right thing for its customers and ensuring a quality product. "

"Upon experiencing the pain of odometer fraud ourselves, we are determined to provide maximum protection for our consumers in the purchase of used cars," says Nick Reinhart of Reinhart Ford.

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