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Lemon Law Attorney Bob Silverman Featured in 'New Jersey Lawyer Magazine'

New Jersey (March 2011) – A special consumer protection edition of New Jersey Lawyer Magazine invited leading New Jersey Attorney, Bob Silverman, Founding Partner of the Lemon Law and automotive consumer advocacy firm, Kimmel & Silverman, to explain recent changes to New Jersey's Lemon Law. The article provides a complete overview of the New Jersey Lemon Law statute, including its recent expansion, and provides information on how to proceed with a claim.

While many lawyers are familiar with the term 'Lemon Law', many are unaware of the significant protection it provides distressed drivers, or its fee shifting provisions that enable consumers to receive completely cost-free legal representation.

If a consumer has unwittingly bought a defective car, they have three potential remedies under Lemon Law based on both safety of the vehicle and time spent being fixed. There can be a complete repurchase of the faulty car including taxes, tags, down payment, trade-in, and non-removable accessories. If resold, the vehicle has to be labelled a lemon. Secondly, manufacturers can offer a vehicle swap. Finally, consumers can keep the car and receive monetary compensation. The law states the manufacturer pays the legal costs in a successful action.

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Bob Silverman was named a 'pioneer in New Jersey Lemon Law litigation' in a front-page Newark Star Ledger profile and has been successfully handling New Jersey Lemon Law cases for two decades. Silverman has been asked by the State to teach New Jersey Lemon Law to arbitrators and mediators and frequently appears on local and national television to discuss driver's rights under State Lemon Laws and Federal Warranty Statutes.

About Kimmel & Silverman

One of the Nation's leading automotive Lemon Law firms for more two decades, Kimmel & Silverman offers 100% cost-free Lemon Law representation to distressed drivers throughout the Northeast. The Firm services clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Michigan, Wyoming and Tennessee.

The Firm has successfully resolved more than 65,000 Lemon Law and breach of warranty claims, recovering more than $180 million for consumers. Their efforts have been honored by the American Bar Association. Consumers with Lemon Law questions can reach out on a toll-free hotline, 1-800 Lemon Law (1-800-536-6652) or visit their website at www.lemonlaw.com.

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