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Leased Cars Get Lemon Law Protection New Law Goes Into Effect In Two Months

NEW CUMBERLAND, Pa. (December 17, 2001) – Gov. Mark Schweiker signed a bill that will give people who lease new cars the same protection as those who buy them.

The new Lemon Law for leased cars will take effect in two months.

Brian Fincher told News 8 that the transmission on his leased 1999 Ford Taurus has given him problems ever since the car was new.

"You hit the gas, the RPMs come up, and the transmission just does not go into gear and then all of a sudden it'll slam in with a big jerk and you'll just take off," Fincher said.

With the new law, people like Fincher, who lease a new car, will have some clout if the car turns out to be a lemon.

"We've been seeing more and more people, more and more consumers have been choosing the option of leasing rather than outright purchase of a vehicle or light truck," said state Rep. John Evans.

That's why Evans said he sponsored the bill that gives people with leased cars the same rights as people who buy a new car.

Pennsylvania's state Lemon Law now applies to new and leased cars in the first year after delivery and up to 12,000 miles or the term of the manufacturer's expressed warranty, whichever comes first. During that time, a manufacturer has to buy back the car or light truck if a defect cannot be corrected after three attempts, or if it's out of service for a total of 30 calendar days.

Montgomery County attorney Craig Thor Kimmel specializes in product defect cases. He said one of most important parts of the Lemon Law for leased and new cars is that the car dealer has to tell you about it.

"What this really does is it gives people the information they have at the time of sale or lease so they know what their rights are in the event that problems arise with their car," Kimmel said.

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