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Information about the New Jersey Lemon Law including discussions, what is covered under the law and more.

NJ Lemon Law Adds Coverage For Emergency Vehicles

February 26, 2010 By: LemonLaw Category: ambulances, amy bennecoff, Bob Silverman, emergency vehicles, fire trucks, New Jersey Lemon Law, police cars

One of the Nation’s strongest State Lemon Laws, The New Jersey Lemon Law, just got even better with the addition of all emergency vehicles, including ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars. As we have previously reported, this change that came about after Doug Fenichel, a volunteer emergency medical technician for the Flanders, NJ Fire and… Read More

NJ Lemon Law for Emergency Vehicles Passes House

December 08, 2009 By: LemonLaw Category: legislation, New Jersey Lemon Law, police cars

New Jersey State Assembly unanimously passed A3396, a Bill which would provide lemon law protection to emergency vehicles throughout the Garden State, including fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars. We congratulate “Medic Doug” who has truly been the guiding force behind this Bill, and the Bill’s sponsors, Assemblyman Gary Chiusano, Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose and… Read More

Part On Back Order? The Lemon Law Is On Your Side

October 07, 2009 By: LemonLaw Category: Car Lemon Law, Connecticut Lemon Law, Delaware Lemon Law, Lemon Law, Maryland Lemon Law, Massachusetts Lemon Law, New Jersey Lemon Law, New York Lemon Law, PA Lemon Law, Pennsylvania Lemon Law

Imagine buying one of those hot new Chevrolet Camaros. You’re cruising down the highway, enjoying every minute, when all of a sudden, the car won’t go into first gear or reverse. The dealership identifies the problem and points to the clutch slave cylinder. Apparently, there are a number of Camaros across the nation with the exact… Read More

New Jersey Lemon Law Expands!

October 02, 2009 By: LemonLaw Category: government, New Jersey Lemon Law

As we have previously discussed, the Garden State government has been working hard to expand upon the NJ Lemon Law, and yesterday Governor Corzine signed the Bill that made the expansion a reality. Up until now, the New Jersey Lemon Law, named the second most effective lemon law in the Country by the Center for… Read More

New Jersey Lemon Law Explained

September 16, 2009 By: LemonLaw Category: Car Lemon Law, New Jersey Lemon Law

Our “Get to Know Your Lemon Law” series continues with a look at the Great Garden State, New Jersey.  The NJ Lemon Law is the second strongest in the Nation, according to the Center for Auto Safety and as we have previously reported on the blog, we are hoping Governor Corzine will actually sign an… Read More

NJ Lemon Law Attorneys Honored in Top Attorney Poll

August 07, 2009 By: LemonLaw Category: Awards and Honors, Bob Silverman, Jacqueline Herritt, New Jersey Lemon Law, richard scholer

We are thrilled to congratulate Kimmel and Silverman New Jersey Lemon Law Attorneys Bob Silverman, Jacqueline Herritt and Richard Scholer, who have all been featured as top attorneys in a poll published in the month’s SJ Magazine. New Jersey Attorneys throughout Camden, Burlington and Gloucester Counties were asked to name attorneys who were above-par in… Read More

NJ Lemon Law Discussed This Weekend On News 12 New Jersey

July 17, 2009 By: LemonLaw Category: New Jersey Lemon Law, TV interview

The New Jersey Lemon Law may be expanded to include additional protection for distressed drivers. The NJ Lemon Law currently protects consumers who suffer a problem that occurs in the first 18,000 miles or 24 months, whichever comes first, and continues to occur three or more times despite repair attempts from an authorized manufacturers dealership. Assembly Bill… Read More

Lemon Law Refunds & Repurchases Are In Bloom This June.

July 05, 2009 By: LemonLaw Category: Audi, bmw, cadillac, Car Lemon Law, chevrolet, Chrysler, Defective Car, General Motors, gmc, Honda, jeep, jeep wrangler, kia, lexus, Magnuson Moss, Maryland Lemon Law, Massachusetts Lemon Law, Mazda, New Jersey Lemon Law, New York Lemon Law, Nissan, Ohio Lemon Law, Pennsylvania Lemon Law, pontiac, saturn, Subaru, Suzuki, volvo

It’s time for another roundup of recent repurchases and refunds.  These blog entries are always our favorite to write.  Kimmel & Silverman is dedicated to being the oldest, largest and most helpful lemon law firm in the Northeast, successfully handling over 50,000 lemon law and breach of warranty claims since our inception at absolutely no… Read More

Are Motorcycles Covered Under The Lemon Law?

June 28, 2009 By: LemonLaw Category: bmw, Connecticut Lemon Law, harley davidson, Honda, kawasaki, Maryland Lemon Law, Massachusetts Lemon Law, Motorcycles, New Jersey Lemon Law, New York Lemon Law, Ohio Lemon Law, Rhode Island Lemon Law, yamaha

As soon as the weather takes a turn for the better, and motorcyclists “get their motors running,” calls come in to 1-800-LEMON-LAW about defective Harley Davidson, Honda, BMW, Yamaha, and Kawasaki motorcycles…with all the callers asking the same question:  “Are motorcycles covered under the Lemon Law?” The answer depends on the state.  Among the states… Read More

“Eye On Ocean County” Looks At NJ Lemon Law

June 26, 2009 By: LemonLaw Category: amy bennecoff, New Jersey Lemon Law, TV interview

Many distressed drivers throughout New Jersey are not aware they are entitled to free legal representation if their car is defective. Consumer rights under the New Jersey Lemon Law and Federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act will be discussed on “Eye On Ocean County.” The program will air on Comcast throughout Ocean County, New Jersey Wednesday, July 8 at 9:00… Read More