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Should The Attorney General Be The First Stop For A Lemon Law Claim?

September 17, 2013 By: LemonLaw Category: attorney general, Lemon Law Firm

It’s happened twice this week.  A distressed driver calls us to discuss a repeated problem they have been having with their car and prior to calling us, they reached out to their State Attorney General.  In both cases, the representative who answered the phone at the AG’s office told them they did not have a… Read More

Why Use A Lemon Law Lawyer?

March 06, 2012 By: LemonLaw Category: attorney general, Car Lemon Law, Lemon Law Firm

The Lemon Law seems so cut and dry, so easy, so black and white… you are in the shop a continuous number of times for the same problem and the manufacturer is supposed to give you a new car or full refund, right? There should be no ifs, and or buts about it, according to… Read More

Going it alone? Watch Out!

February 18, 2009 By: LemonLaw Category: Arbitration Policies, attorney general, Car Lemon Law, New Jersey Lemon Law

We are getting a lot of calls recently on the 1-800-LEMON LAW hotline from folks who think the State and Federal laws are cut and dry, want to fight on their own, and just want some advice on how to move forward. Unfortunately, if the State Lemon Laws were as cut and dry as they seemed,… Read More