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New Lemon Law in Works

Wednesday, November 14, 2001 – 06:07 PM ET

(KDKA) A new and improved Lemon Law making its way through the state legislature could help smooth the road ahead for consumers who discover they've leased a lemon.

Up until now Pennsylvanians who leased a vehicle and ran into problems faced a tough road ahead, but new construction on an old law could soon change that.

If the revision of the old law passes, it could soon be as financially safe to lease as it is to buy a car.

Since Tracey Magiske bought her car new and reported the first problem within 12 months or 12,000 miles, she was covered under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law.

When Nicole Jyachosky, of Brackenridge, had trouble with her car, though, she was surprised to find out that she wasn't covered, because she leased her car.

"I didn't realize that having a lease meant I wasn't covered. I thought because I had a car and it was going in for the same thing consistently, I was covered." – Nicole Jyachosky, Brackenridge

Leased vehicles most likely weren't covered under the original law, because most people at that time bought rather than leased.

Since the Lemon Law first went into effect 17 years ago, the number of leased vehicles has jumped 300%. Now, one out of every five cars on the road is leased.

The amended Lemon Law would include leased vehicles and introduce something called "title branding" to track lemons.

While the new Lemon Law wouldn't cover used cars, it would give new protection to used car buyers. If the car you want to buy had ever been "bought back" by the manufacturer as a lemon, you would have to be told – in writing.

Again the Lemon Law revisions is just a proposal at this point, but Lemon Law Attorney Craig Kimmel says he'd be shocked if it doesn't pass this time, since the bills have been in the works for four years.

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