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One Big Bimmer Bummer! BMW Engine Problems Abound

February 13, 2015 By: LemonLaw Category: bmw, Car Lemon Law, Engine Hesitation and Stalling

On the heels of the Ford ecoboost transmission problem comes another issue with a transmission designed to increase and improve upon fuel economy. Drivers of BMW vehicles with the N63 engine may experience performance issues causing them to bring their vehicles into an authorized manufacturers dealer repeatedly to have their matters addressed. As a result of these BMW engine problems, a technical service bulletin has been issued for the following vehicles:

BMW 7 series sedans purchased from 3/09 to 6/12
BMW Hybrid 7 series purchased 4/10 to 6/12
BMW Gran Turismo purchased 9/09 to 2/12
BMW 5 series sedans purchased 3/19 to 7/13
BMW 6 series convertibles purchased 3/11 to 7/12
BMW 6 series coupe purchased 7/11 to 7/12
BMW x5 purchased from 3/10 TO 6/13
BMW x6 purchased from 7/08 to 6/14
BMW Active Hybrid x6 purchased 9/09 to 9/11

In this TSB, it states that “to ensure these engines keep delivering the ultimate performance,” the following powertrain components may have to be replaced if you are experiencing BMW engine problems: air mass sensors, high pressure fuel injectors, engine vacuum pumps, fuel system low pressure sensors, fresh air intake turbo seals, and crankcase ventilation hoses.

We have also found out that BMW is proactively offering consumers who have experienced repetitive BMW engine problems, or have had their their BMW out of service for an extended period of time for these issues, a one-time monetary settlement of $1,500. In our opinion, this is an extreme low-ball offer. In exchange for accepting this small amount of money, BMW expects these consumers to sign away any further rights.

Depending upon the repairs, and the laws the consumer falls under, the remedy for this issue could be a new car or a complete repurchase. We have also successfully represented many clients with fixed BMW engine problems who ended up with monetary settlements MUCH higher than $1,500. Before you accept any offers from BMW, you should discuss the matter with an experienced Lemon Law Lawyer to ensure you are not being taken for a ride.

If you are experiencing repetitive BMW engine problems, make sure you are aware of your rights, and if need be, do not hesitate to turn to State and Federal Laws. After all, these statutes are designed to get you back on the road to recovery properly and promptly.

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5 Responses to “One Big Bimmer Bummer! BMW Engine Problems Abound”

  1. #1 Hank says:

    I know engineers are human and are under pressure to make the ultimate driving experience, but what about the consumer.

    We are the test dummies and for the amount of money we pay for the “ULTIMATE” driving experience, you would think the issues would be a lot less.

    I have to explain all the time at our repair shop why XYZ cost so much and “ULTIMATELY” let the consumer know that there car manufacturer dropped the ball.

    Some understand and others just think we are just out to rip them off, when that’s not the case. My job is to educate the consumer and keep them safe on the road.

    Slow down mass production a little bit and get back to the drawing board.

    Mark Hank White

    • #2 S RAFIQUE says:

      I need advice on how to deal with BMW, what my rights are.
      In short I have experienced the same repetitive problems with the engine cutting out, loss of power whilst driving.

      • #3 LemonLaw says:

        @S: Not sure of rights in UK. State Lemon Law rights can be found at

        • #4 Alex says:

          I’m about to buy 2011 active hybrid with 50k miles for 35 k should I from what I am reading? Is it a lemon?

          • #5 Jim Snow says:

            I have a 2011 740Li that is beginning to have serious engine/ drive train issues. I’ve contacted BMW of NA and they will not do anything.
            MY car has about 125,000 easy miles on it. Can you help me?

            Thank you.

            • State: CA

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