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Honda Pilot Vibration Problems Are Leaving Drivers All Shook Up

January 07, 2014 By: LemonLaw Category: Honda, vibration

Honda is well-known for their quality and customer satisfaction, resulting in impressive sales and driver loyalty year after year.  Sadly though, they have now fallen into a trend we have seen from other manufacturers–stating an issue is normal when in fact they have no fix.  Despite the numerous drivers complaining of a Honda Pilot vibration problem, the car company insists that it is a normal characteristic of the vehicle.

Honda Pilot drivers have called into the 1 800 LEMON LAW hotline complaining of vibration in steering, braking and the center dash, and while dealers have performed minor adjustments, they are now telling consumers no fix is available.  Some drivers feel the blame should be placed on Honda’s VCM system, also known as variable cylinder management, a system used to disable one back of cylinders during certain periods (ie highway driving) of driving to save on gas mileage.  This is commonly referred to as  “eco boost.” While this has not been proven, we have seen other instances of manufacturers, including Ford and Chrysler,  trying to improve gas mileage while simultaneously causing numerous other usability problems.

If you are dealing with a Honda Pilot vibration issue, make an appointment at an authorized Honda dealership as soon as possible.  Offer to take the service adviser on a drive to illustrate the problem you are experiencing. Make sure when you pick up the vehicle, you receive a repair invoice–do not let them keep the ticket open. If they verify the problem, make sure that is written on the repair ticket, even if they do not fix it.  If they say there is no fix, make sure that is written on the repair invoice.   Once you are in three or more times, it is essential that you look into your rights under State and Federal Laws.

If you are suffering with a Honda Pilot vibration problem, feel free to submit your information here to determine if you are entitled to 100% cost-free help under State Lemon Laws or Federal Warranty Statutes.  You could be looking at a new car, a complete repurchase or significant monetary compensation to reflect the diminished value of the vehicle.  The key is to continue to document the issue and to fight for what you are rightfully entitled to receive under law.

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16 Responses to “Honda Pilot Vibration Problems Are Leaving Drivers All Shook Up”

  1. #1 HONDA PILOT MPG 2014 says:

    […] Honda Pilot Vibration problem – Free Lemon law help […]

  2. #2 JIM bRECHT says:

    Have 2104 Honda Pilot that I have been in 2 times for vibration problem. The dealer and Honda America have told me it is an inherritent characteristic of the car and have no fix at this time. They say my car falls within thier specifications of the Engine Management System.

  3. #3 Darla says:

    2014 pilot – vibration when in Eco mode, when I’m in cruise running 65-67 very annoying. Have had it in twice and they say it’s normal.

  4. #4 Justin says:

    Honda should be forced to develop a software update to program vcm out of the pcm, for those who have issues and/or dont want vcm.
    When the rear bank is disabled, the lack of pressure in those cylinders causes the rings to relax allowing oil to be sucked back into the cylinders, leading to fouling of those plugs, leading to misfires, possible destruction of cats, cat particulates going back into motor, eventually compromising the motor.
    The active motor mounts work overtime as they try to soften the misfire feel, and eventually wear out.
    Ideally its preferable to create a vcm software that skips or rotates the deactivation.
    Id prefer to eleminate it altogether.

  5. #5 Kerry says:

    I have the same issue. The car is scheduled for the second visit next week. After that I will pursue the 3rd visit and then the lemon law remedy. My car rattles the dash at 45mph and 1600 RPM. 2014 pilot. Any others in this category?

  6. #6 Gene says:

    2011 Honda Pilot EX-L. Shakes when I brake usually at high speeds. The car also shakes sometimes when in reverse and breaking is applied.

  7. #7 Adam Keller says:

    I’ve said something about the vibration numerous times to service writer. He stated to try different gas. Idiot. I’ve had problems with door looks from the first year to present. Replaced all door locks and they are again broken. This is a EXL Pilot. Told another service writer the issue among two others. Called new manager and said this is BS that I keep getting pushed around or over on the all my matters. Wife has a EXL Accord and now she has the same problems that I do. However I’m told there are no recalls. I’m told my warranty is out now. Pitched a bitch and now they are willing to re look at the problems. Told today 11/25/14 that there is a new download software for the engine to help the problem. Also now told again there must be a problem with my door locks. Wow Really? I’ve only been bitching about this for over two years. Our last two Honda vehicles are not of the same quality of the past Honda vehicles that we have owned. Honda has become Americanized / meaning putting out Shit. Ridiculous over and over on simple matters. If you can’t fix the small things what are you able to fix. ? .

  8. #8 Adam Keller says:

    Wife’s care / Accord EXL / V-6 has same issues that my Pilot is having. Shudder from 20 mph then again 30 mph. We are told that we must be affecting the engine some how at a certain speed to affect the Eco / just right. Some how we are doing this issue / not HONDA. WOW, no shit you are going to blame all drivers because your shit doesn’t work right. Really.?. Wow it was the gas and now its the way my wife and I drive two different vehicles but the same engine. What Bull Shit.

  9. #9 Adniel Almaguel says:

    Hi, i have the same vibration issue in my 2011 pilot. How many people had won or had been given some compensation or solution, as your concern. Just want to know if really worth it to try to do against Honda even when the drivers are who suffer and paid. BTW does this law apply or has efect in Puerto Rico?.Thanks

  10. #10 Vanessa Alward says:

    My 2012 ex pilot shudders and shakes at various speeds. Last time dealer service said it was the tires. So ridiculous- if that correct it would be always at evry revolution. They’ve had it 3 times now.

  11. #11 Mark Jacobson says:

    I have about 1800 miles on our 2015 Honda Pilot EX-L, and I detected the vibration after only a couple weeks. Called Honda dealer today and have an appointment scheduled for next Friday. See what happens from here. Our 2012 CR-V had zero issues. I hope this one can be solved. We love the Pilot.

  12. #12 MikeM says:

    I was going to purchase a 2014 Pilot. Googled the vehicle before visiting dealership and learned about the VCM/vibration issue. Shame on you Honda. I loved your Accords from the 80s. Now this.

    I bought a 4Runner instead. Wake up Honda.

  13. #13 Sandy S. says:

    I have a 2013 Pilot that “Shudders” and “Vibrates” as well and just feels like it can’t decide into what gear it wants to go to sometimes. It can get really annoying. I have read everywhere that Honda says this is a normal characteristic of this vehicle…really? I am just worried that a few more years down the road there could be engine problems due to whatever is making this happen. Has anyone out there been successful in ever getting this problem repaired? Has anyone been successful in following the “lemon law” way?

  14. #14 LemonLaw says:

    @Sandy: We have been successful.

  15. #15 Leslie says:

    I’m having the same issue, I just bought my Honda 3 weeks ago and it’s already been in the shop twice for the vibration and I’m being told that it’s just the way the car is but that’s ridiculous, I know 4 people who own the Pilot and they tell me they don’t have this issue, if it was just the way the car is then why isn’t everyone having this problem? Does anyone know if a car can be returned if you just bought it and if so, how many days you have to return? I can’t believe the money you pay for a car and now I don’t even want to drive it!

  16. #16 Chis Contrino says:

    I too have begun to feel the minor shudder in my 2013 Pilot when the vcm kicks from 4 cyl to 3 cyl. I called Honda dealer yesterday and explained the problem and they are obviously aware. They stated it is “normal” operation and to bring it in to check the motor mounts. I will probably do that but doubt that will fix the minor shuddering. If you have any further advice or updates please let me know.

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