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Honda CR-V Engine Problem – Oil Mixes With Gas Leaving Drivers “Fumed.”

November 21, 2018 By: LemonLaw Category: Car Lemon Law, Honda, oil changes

Another popular vehicle is dealing with an ongoing powertrain problem.  This time around, drivers are complaining of a Honda CR-V engine problem resulting in abnormal gasoline fumes in the cabin and gasoline leasing into the car’s oil system.

According to an article in Car & Driver, Honda says it will soon release a fix for the CR-V engine problem, which has been occurring in both 2017 and 2018 models. Honda executives have so far refused to issue a safety recall because the company has not identified any impact to the vehicle’s safety.  Ironically however, according to Consumer Reports, 380,000 CR-V’s and Civics were recalled in the China earlier this year for similar issues. The Honda CR-V engine problem mostly impacts vehicles driving in colder areas on shorter trips according to Honda representative Chris Martin.

The issue can cause the oil level to rise and as a result, the oil gets diluted with unused gas.  Martin says that when drivers take shorter trips, the fuel does not burn out of the oil as the oil recirculates through the combustion chamber.  There have been a number of complaints  filed with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration dating back to late 2017 pertaining to the Honda CR-V engine problem.  The company says the problem will be fixed in 2019 models and they hope to have a solution to the current problem shortly.

Despite the fact that there is no current fix to the Honda CR-V engine problem, consumers still have rights under State Lemon Laws and Federal Warranty Laws. If you are dealing with gas fumes in your Honda CR-V and/or gas mixing with your oil, you need to get back to an authorized Honda dealer as soon as possible to report the problem.  Make sure the repair visit is documented with a detailed repair invoice and if the dealer says  “no fix is available,” make sure that is noted on the invoice. If the problem keeps occurring, you need to keep bringing the vehicle back to report the matter. Once you have been back several times for the issue (3 times in certain state, 4 times in others) or the car has been out of service an extended period of time, you have rights to seek recourse, even if they cannot properly fix the problem or maintain they still do not have have a solution.

The bottom line is that it is not your responsibility to wait for Honda to come up with a fix. Unfortunately, in many states, you can lose your rights if you wait too long to file a claim. If you are dealing with a Honda CR-V engine problem and you want to use consumer laws to get back on the road to recovery, fill out our Get Rid of Your Lemon form.  We will be glad to discuss your situation and determine if and how we can help.

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5 Responses to “Honda CR-V Engine Problem – Oil Mixes With Gas Leaving Drivers “Fumed.””

  1. #1 Samuel jimenez says:

    Bought a used 2017 Honda CRV EXL notice when I checked the oil the level is very high looks like oil dilution. I took a trip for Thanksgiving weekend to see my daughter in Boston so that’s a long drive to Oil level was very high Honda better come up with something or I plan to do a class action lawsuit God for bid something happens while I’m driving with my six-year-old daughter

    • State: New York
  2. #2 karen capadanno says:

    I told the serv. manager @ Atamian, he told me to contact Honda and gave me the number. The woman at Honda told me to get an oil change at the dealership(free). The dealership refused to admit they smelled gas in the oil then informed Honda the same. I only have 450 miles on his car and smell gas in the oil again. I will be contacting Honda again. How many more times do I have to do this?

    • State: massachysetts
  3. #3 Czeslawa Stasko says:

    I have been dealing with my high beams coming on and blinding other cars.they had it in the shop for a week this time the car has been brought 5 times for same thing and I took the car back cuz they told me to pick it up cuz they said they couldn’t find the problem.I got it back and the next day started again.They said it’s not a issue. Plus dash board lights came on 3 times already and car shskes,sometimes can’t shut car off and they already replaced the started the car is a 2018. Someone help

    • State: Ma
  4. #4 LemonLaw says:

    @Czeslawa: Please visit and fill out the information on your claim. We will be glad to discuss your situation and determine if and how we can help.

    • #5 LemonLaw says:

      @Karen: Give us a call at 800 536 6652 to discuss the situation and how we can help.

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