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Having a Honda Accord Vibration Problem? Tires Are Being Blamed….

October 17, 2012 By: LemonLaw Category: Accord, Honda, vibration

Driving a 2012 Honda Accord?  Chances are you may be dealing with vibration in your steering.  The message boards have been lighting up with distressed drivers complaining of their Honda Accord vibration problems, and we have heard from several people who said it makes steering the vehicle quite problematic.

If your Honda Accord is shaking or vibrating, make sure you get to an authorized Honda dealership as soon as possible to have the service adviser diagnose and address the issue. If necessary, agree to go on a test drive with your adviser and when the car is “fixed,”  make sure you receive a comprehensive repair invoice which states the problem, the mileage, and what was done to fix the problem. Keep these invoices in a safe place. If they claim they cannot fix the problem, make sure they put that in writing as well.

We have seen numerous instances where tires are being balanced, even replaced, but the problem does not seem to go away. If your Honda Accord is back repeatedly for the vibration issue, it is important to look into your Lemon Law rights. Depending on the repairs, you may be entitled to a new car or a complete repurchase and best of all,  the representation is completely cost-free.

Click here if you have any questions pertaining to your Honda Accord vibration issue.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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28 Responses to “Having a Honda Accord Vibration Problem? Tires Are Being Blamed….”

  1. #1 Emillio Roberts says:

    I have a 2012 Honda Accord with the vibration problems. The rims and tires have been changed and I have taken it into a Honda dealer at least seven times for the same problem. This car is brand new; just purchased in June 2012 from Ourisman Honda in Bethesda, MD. They were rude and nasty to me and told me never to come back. I have been taking my purchase to another dealer because of their post-sales treatment. As I type, it is at Honda of Bowie and they are taking pictures to send to Honda to see what else they can try!

    • #2 Matt says:


      I have a 2013 V6 with 2,300 miles and notice a vibration too ever since I purchased it. It happens when the engine is in the lower RPMs – 1,700 or less. I think it is because of the Cylinder Deactivation Technology. When cruising along, three of the cylinders shut down to improve fuel economy. Unfortunately, it results in each cylinder being felt as it fires. Having it in the ECON mode makes it worse because the car shifts sooner and spends more time in the low RPMs. It’s annoying, but I’m guessing it’s a design flaw rather than a malfunction.

      • #3 LemonLaw says:

        Matt: A design flaw could be labelled as a malfunction if the issue is affecting the use, value and safety. If you are back to the the shop repeatedly to address it, I recommend looking into your rights. I am not sure where you are writing from, but check this out:

        • #4 charles says:

          I also have a 2013 V-6 with engine vibration. Have been to the dealer once; they rotated and balanced tires. Of course, this made no difference. I wonder what is meant by “affecting…the value” of the vehicle. Actual dollar value if I sell it? Or just the value to me as an owner who expected better? Will give the dealer another try, then meet with an American Honda rep, then..? Have not checked our North Carolina lemon laws yet.

          • #5 wayne colpitts says:

            I have a 2013 Honda accord Exl coupe ,i have vibration in my steeringwheel, also vibration when car is picking up speed,vibrates when car is stopped in drive position.I am not very happy with this car.Had it back to dealer but no fix as of yet.

            • #6 Aj says:

              I have the same problem with my honda accord sport 2013, everytime im at a stoplight i notice a vibration everywhere, i even try putting a water of cup and u can see the water vibrates. Usually when i turn on the AC from my past car it causes the vibration but this car has only 8,000miles and its already shaking. And by the time i step on the gas it stops vibrating. Im thinking about calling the honda but their just gonna make up hella stuff about it

              • #7 tru2flo says:

                I have a 2014 sport accord and i am having engine shaking. I have reported this issue 4x and still getting the run around. Rhey cannot duplicate the engine shake. I have mentioned the car needs to be driven long distances and it acts up. The dealer on drives the car for road test up to 5 miles. If u all have this problem complain to honda corporate and have a case open the more issue the better it will get resolve.

                • #8 LemonLaw says:

                  @tru2flo: I beg to differ. A Honda claim will do nothing. You need to look into a lemon law claim. Read about your state’s lemon laws by visiting

                  • #9 charles says:

                    I gave up on my Honda V-6 a long time ago, since American Honda was stonewalling me on the issue. The solution: will be taking delivery of a Camry in June. (But lots of money lost on the trade.) The V-6 Camry has none of that cylinder deactivation crap.

                    • #10 Wheel adapter Center Bore size - Drive Accord Honda Forums says:

                      […] gen Accords cars are finicky with wheels and prone to vibrations if the wheels are not perfect. Honda Accord Vibration Problem — Free Lemon law Help I experienced this on my 2012 Coupe with aftermarket wheels that required hubcentric rings. The […]

                      • #11 Alex Rakhman says:

                        I have Honda crosstour 2013. Started vibrating 2000 miles, that did replace rotors and couldn’t find anything wrong with it then I paid for the balance,did not help. I paid for To install t to install op off the line Michelin’s good for 10 thousand miles and then it started again. I don’t know what else to do
                        What issue they didn’t fix third try, it’s having a lot of water in the backseat

                        • #12 Karlos says:

                          We bought a 2015 Accord V6 in May 2015. The car vibrates when accelerating from about 1500 rpm. The steering, pedals, and other parts of the interior. It is probably in a higher gear when cruising and it starts vibrating when demand in put on the engine. Real noticable when cruise control is activate. I can really make it vibrate when cruising about 45mph and the car starts to go up shallow incline. I reported it to the Honda dealer and they said it was the engine shifting from 3 cylinders to 6 to meet the demand on the engine. Normal they said. My take is that the transmission should down shift then the cylinders kick in if needed. Does just the opposite. Car has 2400 miles on it and seems to be getting more pronounced. We bought the extended warranty because we tend to keep our cars a long time. We saw the value in it. Glad we did.

                          • #13 michael says:

                            I have a 2008 Honda accord coupe and about 60-70 mph the car vibrates. when I let off the gas yhe vibration stops.i feel that the design of the motor is the problem.I have had the car checked out and the Honda dealer says there is not athing wrong.

                            • #14 Jon says:

                              I have a new 2016 Accord LX 4 cylinder with a 6 speed manual transmission. The steering wheel vibrates more than it should.
                              If I push the clutch in and coast the vibration goes away so the tires are not the problem. It is engine vibration picked up by the steering assembly.

                              I added a strut tower brace from Honda ($36.00), which is stock on the 6 cylinder versions. The added stiffness made a big improvement. The brace is a perfect fit but you will need to drill two holes on each tower. The Strut tower brace also improves handling and overall feel of the car.

                              • #15 Lyn says:


                                • #16 Lyn says:

                                  I can’t believe how much this brand new Accord Sport (2016) is vibrating. Hoping Honda addresses and does the right thing. I’m so disappointed and already frustrated with this car that is less than one week old, purchased with only 6miles and it drives like a used junk. SMH

                                  • #17 Wes Honn says:

                                    Have 2016 accord touring whole car has shaken 8 times since I bought it last fall first time it was extremely violent at about 45mph others were milder at lower speeds and exit turns Honda says they can do nothing unless it happens when they drive it you never feel safe driving it

                                    • #18 Chris Smith says:

                                      My Crosstour will vibrate excessively around 30-35 mph and at 75mph. Read many blogs. How is Honda getting away with this? Seems like everyone has this same problem with the Crosstour. Is there a class action lawsuit or recall?

                                      • #19 Mariusz Podczerwinski says:

                                        Wow I guess I m not the only one and it’s not my imagination, i purchased my 13 accord sport 6 months agp and from day one I experience vibrations and bad bearing like noises , at first i was told dealer will balance wheels and the problem will go away , now 14k miles later and 3 visits at local Honda dealer ( 3rd time dealer had a car for 10 days , final decision , customer fault- wheels were plastic dipped, wheels balanced everything ok ) ,,, hours later the car was vibrating once again and the noise of bad bearings was quite loud, any ideas or solutions ? Feel sick driving a car that vibrates and makes noises

                                        • #20 wayne says:

                                          I have a 2013 accord touring. I also have a vibration just over 1100/1200 rpm’s. going to dealer in hagerstown. see what they come up with. this car listed for close to 35,000 $ not happy. everyone says honda is great ! B S I knew i should have stayed with Chevy.

                                          • #21 Ryckz says:

                                            I bought a new 2017 honda accord sport special edition and it’s doing the same vibration on the steering wheel gas pedal and passenger seat… it’s going to be my 4th time taking it in to service at the dealer and they still can’t find the problem

                                            • #22 Julie says:

                                              I purchased my 2017 Honda Accord Touring in Dec 2016. I absolutely hate the vibration felt in my car. I’ve had it to a dealership 3 times. I keep getting the same run down. First time they balanced the tires. That didn’t fix it. Second time they told me it the transmission and it’s normal. I hate this. I’ve owned around 10 new cars, and I’ve never had any of them do this. I’m sitting at the dealership right now, so let’s see what they say this time.

                                              • #23 Dru Devore says:

                                                I have a 2016 Accord Touring. I have had the car in multiple times about a vibration and noise (sounds like wheel bearings). The vibration starts around 60 and is worse at around 73 MPH. The dealer has balanced the tires, rotated the tires, replaced the tires (partially at my expense), and aligned the car. They are now telling me it is the low profile tires though I have a problem believing this. They reuse to admit that there is a sound and most of the time they say they don’t feel the vibration. I have had this to 2 different dealers and no resolution to the problem. I now have about 40,000 on the car and it has been happening ever since I drove to work the first time.

                                                • #24 LemonLaw says:

                                                  @Dru: I would certainly look into your rights. Please visit to find a firm in your state.

                                                  • #25 Terri Konitzer says:

                                                    I have 2012 Crosstour with front end vibration between 20 and 40 mph as well as between 70 and 80. Purchased all four new tires, still have vibration. Mechanic check every thing dealing with front end. Could not find any thing wrong. If this is a common issue within the Crosstour, why has there not been a recall for this issue? I do not feel safe driving the car, therefore looking into trading it in. Not Happy!

                                                    • #26 Alison G says:

                                                      I have a 2017 accord ex l. Started noticing vibrating in wheel, seat, and petals at about 10000, about 3 weeks ago.. Engine sounds unusual. So far Honda has told me it is normal. I don’t believe this is normal or acceptable especially in a car less than 6 months old.

                                                      • State: Md
                                                    • #27 LemonLaw says:

                                                      @Alison: We agree and urge you to continue to have it addressed.

                                                      • #28 Jon B says:

                                                        Have a 2016 accord with 4cy and 6 sp manual. Steering wheel picks up vibration from engine. you can also feel it on support structures under the dash board and fire wall. Added Boom Mat noise and vibration isolation material on structures and fire wall, plus leather steering wheel cover, and strut tower brace. Each effort reduced the vibration and now it is acceptable. Still that vibration is totally out of character on such a nice car. I will add additional stiffening structures
                                                        and dampening to see just how good I can make it.

                                                        • State: Ct

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