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Ford Explorer Carbon Monoxide Problem Could Make Drivers Sick

August 07, 2017 By: LemonLaw Category: Ford, ford explorer, nhtsa, police cars

Driving your Ford Explorer and feeling lightheaded or dealing with nausea? Do not take your symptoms lightly.  1 800 LEMON LAW has successfully represented numerous Ford Explorer drivers ( and Lincoln MKX drivers)who have  complained of carbon monoxide leaking into their cabin, producing a sickening methane odor. And just in case you think these incidents are isolated, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) has upgraded their probe into this Ford Explorer carbon monoxide problem as a result of receiving over 2,700 consumer complaints and being made aware of three accidents that could have been caused as a result of the issue.

According a recent Reuters report on the Ford Explorer carbon monoxide problem, Ford has issued numerous technical service bulletins dealing with the exhaust odor to address complaints from personal owners, as well as many police fleets who utilize the Explorer vehicles.  The probe initially opened in 2016 when 638,000 vehicles were investigated and has now been upgraded to an engineering analysis, which is a pertinent step that needs to be take place before NHTSA can formally force Ford to conduct a recall if they believe the problem can post an unreasonable risk to safety.

NHTSA said they are actively working with law enforcement agencies who use these vehicles to determine if the Ford Explorer carbon monoxide problem is related to a potential safety defect. While the agency does not have any substantive data such a blood test showing the carbon monoxide led to the alleged crashes, they have obtained preliminary testing showing carbon monoxide levels may be elevate in certain driving situations “although the significance and effect of those levels remains under investigation.”

If you are experiencing sickening odors in your Ford Explorer and sense you may have a carbon monoxide problem, it is essential that you get a Ford authorized dealer as soon as possible to have them review the situation and implement a fix.  Make sure you receive and keep all repair invoices surrounding this issue, and if you find that you are in the shop continuously for a Ford Explorer carbon monoxide problem or for an extended period of time, you should certainly look into your rights under State Lemon Laws and Federal Warranty Statutes.  We have already recovered several complete repurchases for our clients and we can help you too.  If you are repeatedly going to the shop to address a potential carbon monoxide leak in your Explorer, call 1 800 LEMON LAW (1 800 536 6652) or fill out our Get Rid of Your Lemon formWe have a feeling, much like the odor in those vehicles affected, that this problem is not going away any time soon. Let us help you get back on the road to recovery.

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One Response to “Ford Explorer Carbon Monoxide Problem Could Make Drivers Sick”

  1. #1 Antoinette Brooks says:

    i had been looling to see if there was a recall on this vehicle i have been feeling sick suffering anxiety n memory loss out of no where i really hate this vehicle my check engine light comes on n off n the codes read gas cap these vehicles is capless i will like to no more about the law suite n i will schedule appointment to see if ive been exposed to carbon monoxide

    • State: New York

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