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Cadillac ATS Transmission Problems Troubling Drivers

October 01, 2014 By: LemonLaw Category: cadillac, Transmission

Cadillac is certainly known for combining luxury with quality, however we’ve been receiving numerous calls on the 1 800 LEMON LAW hotline from folks complaining of Cadillac ATS transmission problems, particularly with cars that feature a manual transmission.

Drivers have been dealing with shuddering and loss of speed, with NHTSA complaint boards filling up with various stories of Cadillac ATS transmission problems. Some people have found themselves stalled on the highway. And to make matters worse, service advisers are not always able to locate a code or duplicate the problem.

To Cadillac’s credit, the company has initiated a recall for applicable vehicles featuring a software fix, however not all drivers are satisfied with the fix. Additionally, a large number of newer, 2013 and 2014 models are suffering from this issue, leading to the disappointment of countless Cadillac customers and new car drivers.

While General Motors has said it is not aware of any crashes or injuries associated with these transmission troubles, more than 68,000 2013 and 2014 Cadillac ATS sedans have been recalled since June 2014.

If you have been back in the shop repeated times – or even an extended period of days – to repair your Cadillac ATS transmission problems, you should look into your rights under State Lemon Laws or Federal Warranty laws. You may be entitled to legal remedy, such as a repurchase of your current Cadillac ATS, substantial monetary compensation, or an entirely new replacement vehicle.

Our firm has already successfully represented numerous Cadillac ATS drivers with transmission problems. Click here to find a lemon law lawyer in your state who may be able to help with your issue.

Have you been struggling with Cadillac ATS transmission issues? If the answer is yes, we encourage you to share your story with us in the comments below.

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9 Responses to “Cadillac ATS Transmission Problems Troubling Drivers”

  1. #1 Rothen Chann says:


    I have had my 2013 Cadillac ATS since December 31, 2014 and I have went to the Cadillac dealership twice and they said they do not see any issues with the transmission. They tell me that the transmission cable is tight and correct. However, I still have issues with the car stalling. I would switch gears from reverse to drive and the car stalls like it is in neutral. I would have to run through the gears back and forth until it starts working properly in Drive. This is a serious issue that I want fixed. My fiance had the car stall on her many times before and I do not want her safety at risk. I love the car but not the transmission issue. The car is currently under 40,000 miles, I know it is still under warranty.If worse comes to worse, I know I cannot afford any repairs for this car. What can I do?

    Thank you,
    Rothen Chann

    • #2 Tired Customer says:

      I have a 2014 ats 3.6l awd. Since ive gotten the car its been numerous problems. The valve body in the transmission was replaced after a few times of it nkt shifting out of first gear. Its always made weird kinds of noises one is like a helicopter noise from the engine bay to a deep vibration and also shaking when idling. The trans had been acting funky for awhile a little bit of slipping and delay. After the valve body was serviced it has been shifting out of first but at times its a rough shift and the other day it jerked and sputtered. Ive had to take the car to the dealership more times than i can count. Im currently in contact with general motors. Waiting to see what the solution will be

      • #3 Bill Sevy says:

        I have a 2014 ATS that sticks in third gear when accelerating under heavy load, merging into high speed traffic. It has almost caused me to wreck on a couple of occasions as letting off on the accelerator will not result in a shift out of the gear.
        Both my local dealership and GM have been contacted and promised to review a buy back. Over two months of phone messages and an e-mails I have had zip response. Just called again today and got the same “will review and get back to you”.
        NEVER…another GM product.

        • #4 LemonLaw says:

          @Bill: This is almost always the issue with car companies start to make promises–It is impossible to have them enforced. Please visit to find a lemon law firm in your state to help.

          • #5 Valerie says:

            I purchased a 2014 Cadillac ATS Luxury 2 weeks ago. I noticed the problem and discussed with the sales person at the dealership. He tried to convince me that I wasn’t pulling the gear down in the correct manner. He took his time to demonstrate the proper way of handling the gear shift and gave instructions of what to watch for such as “D” is for driving and M1 was the manual mode. I have driven since the age of 16 and if I don’t know what the “D” is for I should not be driving at all. I feel much smarter now! He stated if I had any problems please call him. I took the car to a Cadillac dealership after work because the gears changed from automatic to manual while I was turning and it slowed the car down significantly at a very busy intersection. I spoke with a member of the service department that acted in the very same manner as the first person I spoke with. They seemed to be programed on what message to deliver. I don’t feel safe in this car. I have an appointment with the dealership on 10/11/2016 @ 7:00 to drop it off and have it checked out. I will get detailed information from them and will update the response from my visit with the dealership

            • #6 danyell Jefferson says:

              I’ve only had my ATS for a year and I’ve been to the dealership at least 4 times already. Check engine light is on again so I’m taking it right back up there Tuesday morning since they are closed on new years!

              • State: TX
            • #7 Alex Hilton says:

              I own a 2013 ATS, transmission went out on me last night with 75,000 miles. Of course warranty ended at 70,000. This car has been a non stop headache from the time of purchase. Stay tuned to see how Cadillac handles, I’m not forking over the full transmission price, especially since they don’t even build transmissions in their service department.

              • State: IL
            • #8 Britni Dent says:

              This exact same thing happened to me at the exact same mileage. I picked it up from a standard oil change from the dealership and now my transmission at 75k miles is gone… what was your result? Mine just happened this week

              • State: Tx
            • #9 Sheila Hornberger says:

              The first week I owned my Cadillac ATS the info entertainment system completely blacked out. Brought it to the dealership but rather than replace the system the performed a bandaid. When I have my iPhone plugged into the six it skips the music like a scratched cd. Then after the first 30 days it started to shake while in idle and while accelerating. I can’t afford to continue to take time off work and try to fix what ever the issue is. First it was the “computer but now it shakes and at times feels like it’s studdering almost like it wants to stall out.

              • State: Florida

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