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2015 Chrysler 200 Transmission Problems

January 15, 2016 By: LemonLaw Category: Check Engine Light, Chrysler, Transmission

Many years ago, we wrote about the stalling problem with the 2011 Chrysler 200, and believe it or not, we still receive an occasional call regarding the problem. However, a much larger issue has monopolized the phone lines as of late — 2015 Chrysler 200 transmission problems leaving drivers with check engine lights, harsh shifting, and the occasional loss of power.

2015 Chrysler 200 transmission problems stem from the new 9-speed automatic transmission that was designed for the vehicle. As in the case of many new features, there are a variety of transmission, electronic, and software glitches that are driving customers crazy. In addition, being that the transmission is relatively new, many 2015 Chrysler 200 drivers have to return to the dealer again and again for transmission service because it seems as though no fix is permanently resolving the transmission defect for good.

If the check engine light is coming up repeatedly on your dashboard, you feel your transmission is slipping, you are experiencing a loss of power, and/or your dealer is constantly updating or replacing your transmission control module (TCM), you may have a claim under State Lemon Laws or the Federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. Potential remedies could include a full repurchase, a brand new car, or even if the problem is eventually fixed, significant compensation to reflect the diminished value of the vehicle as a result of the transmission problem.

As a firm that has already successfully resolved numerous claims surrounding 2015 Chrysler 200 transmission problems, we cannot stress the importance of looking into your rights, creating a solid paper trail of invoices, and speaking with a Lemon Law Lawyer in your state regarding the matter. After all, these consumer laws give you the power even if the transmission is leaving your car powerless.

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48 Responses to “2015 Chrysler 200 Transmission Problems”

  1. #1 Carolle J D'Ambrosio says:

    I’ve had my car to the garage many times. The first time was a software update. I had no power. At this time the car only had 300ish miles on it. Other times it was for jerking or shifting hard. Was told since the computer is NOTthrowing a code we can’t tell or help you. Now when pulling out of my parking space at work the comes to almost a complete stop then will go. I’ve called chrysler and all they could tell me is if I’m not satisfied keep taking the car back. Worst car I ever had & will never have another or recommend it. I’m in negative equity with this damn car now & im stuck. Does it take a bad accident or deaths for them to fix this issue that I’m sure they are very well aware of but refuse to help consumers. Way to go chrysler.

    • #2 LemonLaw says:

      @Carolle: What state are you from? I would certainly discuss your rights with a lemon law lawyer in your state. Visit to find a lemon law attorney in your state.

      • #3 Broc Hennessy says:

        My chrysler 200 2015 has the exact same issue and in that exact order. 2nd time in the shop in less than 2 weeks and they say “be patient with us”. Just got it out of the shop and again the gears are sticking so bad that my 10 year old sister asks “what’s wrong with your car”. I am also between a rock and a hard place.

        • #4 A. Maldonado says:

          My 2015 chrysler 200 s is going back into the shop for the 12th time. Check engine light is on and just got it out the shop 2 days ago. It kept trying to shut off. They had it this time for 6days. Worst car ever.

          • #5 Kaci says:

            I live in Texas and I’m having these exact problems you mentioned with my 2015 Chrysler 200 Limited. Every time I take it to the dealership they address the recalls, update software, and a week later I’m having the same problems with the trans slipping and losing power. It has left me on the side of the road and the side of the freeway multiple times and has almost caused me to hit another car and another car to hit me. I’m recorded video of this happening and have invoices from each visit to the dealership. How hard is it to get them to buy this POS back? I don’t want another Chrysler and I don’t want them to keep “fixing” it. I only have 3k miles left on the 3 yr 36k mile warranty. please help

            • #6 Andreya says:

              I purchased my 2015 200 Chrysler I did all the recalls they told me to come get fixed I swear it stays in the shop more than what I have the car. Something wrong with the brakes the air bag light comes on, the emergency brakes pops on while I’m driving. The car shut off while I was driving on the freeway car stopped so hard I got choked with the seatbelt luckily I made it out safe. I put the car in the shop and got into a rental same day after complaining to Chrysler then I got hit In the rear end with the same exact 2015 200 Chrysler the lady that hit me told me she couldn’t stop the car I was take away in the ambulance my hip and my leg is in pain everyday this happened in May of 2016 I got a call from Chrysler the same day of my accident i told them I called and came into the shop complaining about this car and they said yes I’m looking at that now I say well I was in an accident they said well I’m so sorry to hear that and can we set up a payment smh Chrysler doesn’t give no Fuck about the ppl they putting in these cars I can’t trade it in because it will be negative equity so basically I’m fucked. I’m a single mother of 2 I purchased my car in December of 2014

              • #7 Mesha says:

                2015 Chrysler 200, purchased August 2015 now has 40,000 I think the odometer is clocking double miles because there’s no way I drive that much. The past few days the car has loss power, this happened about 4 months ago for the first time. I was on the e way and it just loss power and promoted me to put the car in park. Today the traction light, check engine light, and battery light all came on the dash. I have a one year old, reason I purchased the car, not only do I not feel safe but I’m terrified of being rear ended. Dealership says car is burning oil and needs to be tested to see why… sounds like BS to me. Help!

                • #8 Amanda says:

                  I brought my first 2015 Chrysler 200 back in march. It had about 36000 miles on it. I loved it but then I had to get a tire fixed. Then I heard a noise in my front end. They gave me the run around till I went some where else n just had them look at it. I took it to Chrysler and told them what the other mechanic said. So they looked at it and realized my control arm and front struts were bad. This was like three months after I got it. I had a rental for a week or two. Got my car back n less then two weeks I was leaving home n my front end completely fall apart on some train tracks. Even the tow had problems getting it move. So we find out they forgot to put a bolt to hold it all together. I could have died if I was on the highway were I was going. So they gave me a check for all the payments I made and gave me a new car. So now I have a 2015 Chrysler 200 with only 17,000 miles. I’ve had it two months n its been in the shop for two weeks now. The check engine light kept coming on. The first time I took it in they reprogrammed something. Two days later it came back on so then they said they had to take my transmission out. I was so mad at this point. Made two payments and already my transmission had to come out. So I pick it up today and they had to take it apart piece by piece to replace the snap ring and clutch I guess. Not even 20000 miles. I will never get another Chrysler ever and as soon as I can get out of this loan n with other dealer im going. The service sucks. Sales was awesome but their service part is horrible. I even had them put a automatic starter on it and that I even had to go back a few times till they got it right. I love the car but way to many issues. Haven’t even been with Chrysler a year n I’m over them already. When I picked my car up it had a sheet of ice on it with a pile of snow so when I went to leave I had to clean it off myself as they all walked around watching me. I was out there for 45 mins cause I didnt have a ice scraper. I used a marker from work cause that’s were I was going after. I was not dressed to do all that so I was frozen when I left. So disappointed in the fellows that work there. I know its not part of their job but sparing a few mins to help wouldnt have cost them anything. Especially after everything I’ve been through with them.

                  • #9 Faye says:

                    Same problem as everyone…my car have been in shop for recall once then for check engine light couple months later, Then i received another recall. The problems was getting worse stalling out so i took it to O’ Riley they told me the problem before the 2nd recall came out (transmission module) but the service guy was so upset that I told him what I knew to where he treated me like crap I been afraid to take it in to them every sense, but i had too my car would not start at work they charged me $300 saying it was the battery but problem still continues. I have arugued and everything to where im tired i hate this car and regret getting it the performance is horrable. Too many issues to list PLEASE DONT PURCHASE!!!!

                    • #10 George says:

                      I’m going through a lemon lawsuit, where chrysler offered me 3,000 dollars to go away… what is 3,000 gonna do me when this car has no resale value and is still defective… my warranty is up in 7,000 miles…plus the net equity leaves me with no options if they r not forced to buy it back… do I have any other options?

                      • #11 katie says:

                        27th day in the shop. 4th visit and now I have an open ticket with Chrysler. She said they were going to do everything they could to fix the issue. Good luck. I lave 19k miles on it and this all started 4 months ago. I want out of this car. It goes into limp mode and “bucks” down the road. I think the guys in service are as sick of me as I am of them. I sincerely wish Chrysler would just recall all of these cars. So very, very unsafe.

                        • #12 LemonLaw says:

                          @Katie: I agree with you. Please visit and contact the firm in your state to discuss the matter.

                          • #13 LemonLaw says:

                            @George: Is it a lemon law or a breach of warranty case? Are you going through a lawyer or handling it personally? If you are working with a lawyer, seek their counsel on if you have the ammunition to go for more. Without all the facts, it would be impossible to provide any more info on the matter.

                            • #14 Lashonda says:

                              I have a 2016 Chrysler 200 Limited. Worse car ever. I’ve had new cars before, no problems until Chrysler. My brother and Cousin both purchased brand new Sebring and 300. Nothing but issues. They warned me not to get one. My car (where do I begin): check engine light several times, transmission “stop and go” in busy traffic, persistent burning coolant smell, replaced radiator, replaced engine harness (mind you a recall part that I never was notified of), endless transmission codes, the list goes on. I just got an attorney after finally speaking with a snide, monotone customer service manager and being promised phone calls and never receiving any. Please do yourself and get an attorney. Do not try to trade these cars and get in more debt with negative equity. We work too hard for our money to give it away. I will keep everyone posted on the progress on my case.

                              • #15 Smitty says:

                                I have a 2015 Chrysler 200 and I am having the same problems as everyone else, I took my car into the service dept at the dealership twice about the jerking instead I was jerked around with the people telling me there was nothing wrong with my car. needless to say almost 50000 miles later they want to buy it back, knowing now its based on Kelly Blue Book its not worth much as it wasn’t from the beginning all of this could have been avoided a year ago. I really like the car but for me to make the same mistake twice i would be an idiot not an option…Chrysler get yourself together this is not fair to consumers!

                                • #16 Fredricka Penman says:

                                  I have a Chrysler 200 I’ve had so many problems my Engine light keeps coming on and I take it to the dealer when the light goes off they say they can’t look at it. Now I was at the stop light my service Transmission light come on and the engine light it wouldn’t move gear I had traffic backed up. These Chryslers are not good cars I’m scared I’m gonna be on the Highway and it does the same thing…

                                  • State: Kentucky
                                • #17 Toccara Pearson says:

                                  I was in a rental for a month due to within my first 6 months I had to get a new transmission and even after that I told my car in several times and told them it wasn’t driving right. They said it was because they suppose to drive like a “golf cart”. I had to get serveral updates. This last time my life was coming on saying service air bag system. Toke it in got it fix, Same day miliage started blinking called and they said i had to bring it in again for reconfiguration. I tell them every time I call or go up there that I really hate my car and it is not worth $503.00 a month. I’m so disappointed for this to be my first brand new car!

                                  • State: AR
                                • #18 Toccara Pearson says:

                                  I forgot to add the jerking it does when im in stop and go traffic. UGH

                                  • State: AR
                                • #19 Juliette Gregory says:

                                  Having same problem with engine light, and shifting of gears. Bought the 2015 200c used, and the very next day engine light on. Took it back fora couple days and 3 days later, engine light on again.

                                  • State: North Carolina
                                • #20 LemonLaw says:

                                  @Juliette: If you send an email to with your contact information, we will be able to connect you to a NC law firm that may be able to help you.

                                  • #21 Kisha says:

                                    I brought my car March 9 2017 and now my engine light is on before it came on. My car shut off in the middle of the road and sometime it would jerk but never thought anything of it until now so I call Chrysler dealership and they told me they can not serve me until Monday but today is just Thursday. What am I suppose to do until then. I am a mother with 2 kids need transportation.

                                    • State: Tennessee
                                  • #22 Charles says:

                                    Got a 2015 200 it will not turn but when it start push on the gas will not go no where they do have a recall on it but they tell me they will call me when the part part get there haven’t heard nothing yet

                                    • State: North Carolina
                                  • #23 Ashley Thomas says:

                                    Transmission jerks, car has shut off while i was on a bridge over the Gulf, car will crank but will not move the gear is stuck in “N”, when i try to put it in park it wont and the car does nothing but roll, brake light is on and engine light also. My milage is blinking! For this to be a 2015 with under 60,000 miles i feel i shouldn’t have any issues.

                                    • State: TN
                                  • #24 Tracey Mejia says:

                                    Can you please direct me to a lawyer in NJ for my 2015 Chrysler 200c. This car is a danger to everybody on the road.

                                    • State: New Jersey
                                  • #25 LemonLaw says:

                                    @Tracey: That would be us, Kimmel and Silverman, 1 800 LEMON LAW ( 1800 536 6652)

                                    • #26 Nathaniel Black says:

                                      Having the same issues as a majority of everyone on here. Upon purchasing this 2015 Chrysler 200 I had to take it to the dealership due to very harsh shifting. They told me it needed to have the CPU “flashed” to update it. Took the car back no more than 3 months later for the same issue. “Flashed” the transmission again. Dealt with the harsh shifting for months again after that until the car started to lose power while driving. This was very scary on one occasion due to the fact I was turning off of a major highway across traffic when the power failed due to the transmission. At this point I had moved from Indiana to Colorado. Took the car in and basically had to fight with the dealership to really diagnose the problem. Turned out it was a transmission failure and they changed the transmission. 3 months after changing the transmission the car was back to its usual harsh shift. Need out of this car. Paying 500 a month for a car that is a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!! Called Chrysler today and they “opened a case” have to take it back to the dealership tomorrow. What are my options here? Chrysler needs to be held accountable for this. 5 times in the shop for the same problem. LEMON

                                      • State: Colorado
                                    • #27 K. Gavin says:

                                      This is unbelievable all of these issues.I have had my 2015 200S for 2years now and 3 to 4months after getting the car I experienced stalling occasionally jerking. I called dealer the dealer recommend to put it under warranty for repairs and every time I ask about recall they say no recalls for my vehicle. Today same issues jerking not taking off properly and now even after oil change it smell like something burning under my hood I ask dealer they reccomand getting fluids flush due to my millage being at 40,000 .really so why when millage was at 20,000 it always smelled like oil was burning or something and I pay over $50 for my oil change. I told my fiance company they can come and pick this piece of junk up I’m not about to keep paying $400 a month. Not to mention I can’t go through car wash the gears shift always get stuck when I’m trying to pull out of car wash I have a hard time switch shifter from neutral to drive.

                                      • State: MI
                                    • #28 Beth says:

                                      Oh my!! So glad I found this. I have had my car in shop numerous times since getting this hunk of junk for all the same reasons (shifting hard, running rough, hesitant when giving gas etc) and now I am alos losing power. Had battery, alternator checked and all good there. Cleaned battery cable with recommended stuff and reconnected and still doing it and now giving me all kinds of errors. I have also emailed Chrysler with absolutely no response. Dealer hooked up everytime prior and said they were not getting anything so nothing they could do. Have had in for all recalls done prior. Now I will be contacting dealer AGAIN since I just got stranded AGAIN at a restaurant out of town. RIDICULOUS

                                      • State: Illinois
                                    • #29 Claire DaBelko says:

                                      I will not go into the shady practices of the dealership that sold us a 2016 Chrysler 200, however, after driving it off of the lot and driving onto an on ramp for I-95, some 200 miles, the vehicle lost power. Have only had the car for 2 months and have lost power approximately 8 times since driving it off the lot. Trying as we speak to arrange a buyback from Chrysler. Getting jerked around about even bringing it into a dealership to check it out. Needless to say the vehicle is still under factory warranty with only 243 miles on it when we bought it. Dealership wouldn’t give a loaner car unless they can reproduce the issue. From researching the issue, I can see that this problem has been occurring since 2011 and it has not been resolved. I am contacting the Attorney General of the state I bought it in and the state where I live. This is crazy. I believe the original dealer knew of this problem and sold us the car anyway.

                                      • State: FL
                                    • #30 Paige McElwee says:

                                      Bought 2015 Chrysler 200. Received no recalls engine came on car stalling no power burning smell when oil changed. Got strained bc key fob wasn’t recognized car locked me out and wouldn’t stop beeping and last flashing. I will be taking this back to dealership in morning after finding out all recalls and safety issues. I bought it new. I will not have it fixed this is a flat out LEMON! What are my legal rights I bought extra warranty and 24 hour service plan. 5 years or 100,000 miles. This car is a danger I am a single mom who drives nights due to job. I paid 6500.00 down plus they gave rebate of 2500.00. I want vehicle replaced this is absolutely poor business

                                      • State: GEORGIA
                                    • #31 Paige McElwee says:

                                      What’s my legal right to deal with this bc this most certainly is a lemon

                                      • State: GEORGIA
                                    • #32 Debbie Fernandez says:

                                      I’m currently siting at the dealership again. I bought my 2015 200 in Oct of 2014. About 2 months after I get a warning light. The first of many. I had the transmission go on me while I pulled it of a parking spot and twice while driving one of which I had my kids in the car. My car was in for the transmission for 23 days before they put in a brand new transmission. Even with the new transmission I’m experiencing the jerking, shift changes, delayed acceleration etc.. Now I have a new problem again while driving with my kids the service airbag light comes on. Hey guess what when that light comes on it means the airbags are not working.. Great. They fixed it in July and now they are changing the wire harness. I have had numberous calls to Chrysler and they will not escalate the problem relating to the car. ” I don’t have a name” is what I’m told. The car has cost me more money than anything between the extra gas to drive it back to the dealer and all of the car rentals I’ve paid for. I hate this car, it’s not safe nor can I sell it as I wouldn’t feel right putting someone else in this position in my right mind. This is the first and last time I will ever buy any Chrsler car. Till they do something I’ll just continue to tell my story to more and more people. Have a nice day.

                                      • State: New Jersey
                                    • #33 LemonLaw says:

                                      @Debbie: if you have not done so already, please call us at 800 536 6652 or visit so we can review your situation. I think we may be able to help.

                                      • #34 Robert says:

                                        I just purchased my 2015 Chrysler 200s a month ago… Used obviously… I’m having the same issues as everyone else… The only difference is that none of my indicator lights are coming and is not throwing any codes.. I’m having problems with it jerking while I’m stopped at a light.. It doesn’t shift properly and never seems to wanna shift into 9th gear… The car only has 48000 miles in it… Tomorrow in taking it to the dealer for the first time since I’ve purchased it… hopefully the fix it right because i sure can’t afford to keep dealing with this… I don’t make much money as it is…

                                        • State: MI
                                      • #35 Gina says:

                                        I just purchased my 2015 Chrysler 200 at the end of July with 23,000 miles on it, and I thought I was crazy when the jerking first started happening, but them my son and my husband both told me that I needed to call the dealership and bring it in. I brought it back to the dealership where I bought it and was told that they didn’t have time to do a test drive then and to bring it back on another day, and that if it did have a problem, it was going to have to go to a Chrysler dealership, so I decided to take out the middle man and called a Chrysler dealer today and was told that if the car is not throwing any codes or lights that Chrysler will not even look at the vehicle transmission or anything else, and that is how I found out everyone is having the same issue.. I should have done my research 🙁 I’m going to try to trade it in tomorrow afternoon, but I owe more than the piece of crap is worth… I’m so angry

                                        • State: MA
                                      • #36 Bonniejo M Dingmon says:

                                        Purchase my car last year in August now I’m having problems with it not wanting to start. fixed the recall part but that didn’t fix the starting problem I’m hoping it’s the starter but I have no idea at this point in time. And I can’t seem to find the part anywhere I’m going to have to call Chrysler themselves. Not happy with all the car troubles

                                        • State: NY
                                      • #37 Peggy says:

                                        Same problems as all of you. Had transmission replaced 4 months after buying car new. New transmission, same problems. Almost got hit by a big truck due to transmission acting up. A passenger and a child with me. Emergency brake lock at times, window rows down whenever it feels like it. Key entry doesn’t work most of the time. Car jerks you around. I fear for my life and the lives that are with me when in this car. Dealer ship wont stand behind me on this. Not gonna let them do this to me. Gonna contact my attorney.

                                        • State: Missouri
                                      • #38 gary says:

                                        after reading all of this I have a new 2015 Chrysler 200 ltd it has low mile round 6000 if this bastard does this same shit state farm will owe me 15 grand if if it does this or I do have a good lawyer and the dealership went over my head on the car note which I’m damn piss off and saw my income was and sold it to me damn assholes………………………………I have lawyer for this when I need it…………………………………..garyp

                                        • State: ark
                                      • #39 gary says:

                                        so to speak no car problems yet after reading others complaints now I’m prepared ………………………….lol lol.gary

                                        • State: ark
                                      • #40 rick says:

                                        My 2015 chrysler 200 with 26000 miles has been in the dealer for almost 2 weeks for the same transmission issues as everyone else the best they could come up with is i need new tires to make the transmission work properly but it never worked right from the beginning

                                        • State: north carolina
                                      • #41 Haider abdalazez says:

                                        First of all iam sorry because my english language is not very well
                                        Actually i used to bought a korian car just like kia or huyndai its such easy and it dosent required any mentenance but when i see that chrysler 200s 2015 i repLace it with my optima in order to discover the best such as (shape,performance,sound isolation,other things)
                                        But now I’m really unhappy with that fucking car every time i take my family they says (whats rong with your driving )the means that harsh shiffting espacially betwen gear 1/2/3 when I break down it jumbs respectively with shifting from gear 3 to gear 1 so the car harsh shiftting

                                        Please tell me if any one find a solution for this problem…

                                        • State: Iraq/basra
                                      • #42 Nedra says:

                                        I have the same harsh shifting, service transmission light and engine light situation as all of the others. I have had my 2015 Chrysler 200s since May 2014. I have taken it in for the transmission twice. The first time they did some update and said it should be better, but it wasn’t. The second time I took it to a different Chrysler dealership to only be told they will test drive it but I would have to pay if I wanted a diagnostic test. Why? They already know these cars have problems with the transmission. Now, the transmission practically shut down on the highway on my way to work this morning. I have 69,000 miles on the car and still owe about half of the car’s selling price. They should recall all of these cars before people get hurt and/or lose their lives. Do I have any recourse?

                                        • State: Illinois
                                      • #43 Sky says:

                                        I have a 2015 Chrysler 200 and i had it for 8 months and about 4 days ago i was driving on the freeway and my car started to smell like something was burning i thought it was my heater so i turned it off but then all of a sudden smoke started to come out from the top of my hood by the windshield wipers but no signal lights popped up, well i have never had a signal light pop up before, i looked to see where my car temp. was at and it was reading that it was still cool! It wasnt even telling me my car was over heating! Then fire came out from the hood so im trying to get off the freeway thank god there was an exit on right hand side because right then my breaks went out!!!!! My whole car locked up and i was heading in to on coming traffic and cars waiting at the light thank god there was a hill that i swereved up so i was able to avoid hitting someone possibly killing someone…. So my car stops on the hill and it lands side ways and i get out im so greatful my sons were not with me because this could of been alot worse!!! I get out and my whole front end is just in gulped in flames the firedepartment came fast but i have warranty on my car still so chrysler is suppose to be sending a investigator out there to view my car and to tell me what happened i hope they help me i paid so much for this car for it to almost kill me and now to drain me of my money im just so sad and i just want justice. I literally have dreams of me pushing the break and it not working having this experience made me so traumatized

                                        • State: Colorado
                                      • #44 Nandy says:

                                        It is not serious that car is a bulsh..t dealers please stop giving people lawn for this car

                                        • State: NY
                                      • #45 Nandy says:

                                        Chrysler 200 2015 is the worst car transmission plus computer problem not even 2 years giving that problems two times.

                                        • State: NY
                                      • #46 keesha williams says:

                                        I had the cutting off while driving.. took it to the dealer after doing research and seeing the nightmare stories. They had me come in 3 times, (500 mile intervals) and told me my engine was consuming the oil too fast which was causing the car to cut off. They replaced the engine and my car only had 45,000 miles. That was two months ago, now I turn on the heat and the drivers side is warm but the passenger side is cold air. Bring it in today and a motor is shot.. The cost would be $421 to fix because it isnt covered. I have the 200c 2015 fully loaded, always had camry’s but my 2012 camry was totaled in July 2015 and I didnt like the new model so I made the dumb mistake of going with this mess.

                                        My camry has always held its value, I always traded it in every 4 years and would get into a new one with the previous car paid off. Now, I am sitting in a car that was originally 28k when I bought it, decided to trade it in because all i see are problems ahead and the value is like 8k to 12k.. What the hell??? What a hard lesson to learn.

                                        • State: DE
                                      • #47 Lu says:

                                        Just bought my 2015 chrysler 200 limited a week ago it has a hesitation when I take off taking back to the dealership for the second time

                                        • State: Iowa
                                      • #48 Nicole says:

                                        I have a chrystler 200 limited. I bought it brand new couple years ago 2 months down the road they had to fix transmission. recently they had to replace my coolant thermostat and now my car keeps shutting off without a warning. I am going to sue Chrysler and i dont care. They already got sued for crappy shit before so maybe they will do something now. I dont understand how they keep saying they have never heard of this issue when there are hundreds of complains online? Are you waiting on someone to die from having this type of issue to do something about it? Has anyone sued them before? give me some tips please. Because the dealership or Chrysler keep saying they cant do anything.i am sick and tired or this. I dont want to feel unsafe driving this car.

                                        • State: Georgia

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